A Preview of the EMP Sound Off! Semifinals on February 13th

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This Friday, the EMP Museum will be hosting the first round of semifinals for their annual Sound Off! battle of the bands. Sound Off!, now 14 years old, has grown into one of the largest under 21 battle of bands on the West Coast, and is a fantastic way for young musicians to promote their music and make connections in the local scene. This year’s first round semifinalists are local all-girl family band Bleachbear, Grimes lookalike and spacewave artist Nightspace, Portland’s pop punk boys Super Soaked, and none other than Seattle University’s own Champagne Babylon.


I managed to score a brief interview with Paul of Champagne Babylon before the band departed on their private charter jet to play the birthing ceremony of Kim Jong-un’s first child. “We’d love to see some of the SU fam turning up in the audience,” he said emphatically.

Checkout the Sound Off! website for introductions to artists and to sample some of their music.


Round 1 of the Sound Off! Semifinals will be this Friday, February 12th at the EMP Museum; doors open at 7 p.m.

Dylan Gnatz / Import-Export Magnate of Vandelay Industries / KXSU Staff Writer


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