Olivia Chaney’s Intimate Session at Barboza: A Preview of Olivia Chaney’s Show on Sunday February 15th


Olivia Chaney is a very small artist doing huge things. Having just been nominated for two BBC Folk Awards and also signed a deal with Nonesuch Records, home of Iron and Wine, Sam Amidon, and Wilco, Olivia Chaney has already begun to be recognized more than most artists that come through Barboza. She will also be much more intimate performer than most Barboza artists.

You can currently find about 9 of Olivia’s recorded songs on SoundCloud. My favorite song from the bunch is Barbara Allen due to its super odd background sound that creates a huge opening for Olivia to showcase her unique vibratos and vocal control.


With true folk roots and a very clear voice with a huge range, Olivia Chaney can set a melody with her voice and pull the right notes from her many instruments.  I am very curious to see how she performs live with her instruments. With such a classical sound, I expect her to be extremely well timed and very well put together on stage. I am also very curious to see how she handles the Barboza stage. Barboza is a great venue for heavy and high energy shows and I am not sure if I have ever seen a very calm artist booked there. Having only standing room and very narrow walls might be a disadvantage for Olivia who will most likely be trying to play a very intimate session. I am extremely excited to see her however, because she is a true musician’s musician. She is so much of a musician’s musician that Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin handpicked her from the Nonesuch lineup to open for him on his last tour.

My advice to fans of folk music is to catch this performance at Barboza because they next time she comes through she will definitely be at a larger, more expensive venue.

Marcus Shriver / A Tonic Water Protester / KXSU Promotions Director


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