BANGARANG! : A Preview of Doomtree at Neumos on March 9th

Doomtree is a hip hop band/collective that finds its place somewhere between the DIY punk scene and the normal Rhymesayers artist. The seven piece consists of Cecil Otter, Dessa, Lazerbeak, Mike Mictlan, P.O.S, Paper Tiger, and Sims, and now bear with me as I explain what each one does and specializes in. I’ll start with the two most famous of the group P.O.S. and Dessa. Both poets at heart, these two are the most unique of the group and have the strongest individual careers.

Dessa: Originally a poet and professor, is beyond clever with her words. Each section she has is perfectly placed and well thought out. Her addition to Doomtree is mostly to change up the pace and add the uniqueness of her voice to create a softer touch to the music, though to be honest her talents are not used as much as I would like in Doomtree as I believe she as just as strong of a wordsmith as the “lead” rappers, but with the new album All Hands they are FINALLY giving her more solo spots.

P.O.S. – P.O.S. adds the D.I.Y. aspect to the band. His raps are emotionally heavy, and have a tone that is just as emotionally heavy. To truly feel what he adds to the band I suggest that you hear his individual music and then compare it to the rest of the band’s individual projects. P.O.S.’s music is the closest to Doomtree’s overall sounds in beat separation. This could mean one of two things. One: it could mean that P.O.S. does not have much of an identity outside of his Doomtree persona. Two: it could mean that his sound has the biggest impact on Doomtree. I strongly suggest that it is the latter of these two options. The reason I say this is because he has completely different persona and aesthetic than the rest of the crew. He has a sadder feeling to him with a very ripped up dirty sound. This sound doesn’t only shine through in Doomtree, but I would push that it creates the basis for the sound of Doomtree. With the new album I think that the other artists such as Cecil, andSIMS, and Dessa have a stronger impact on the sound, but in all of the rest of their work P.O.S. is the driver.

Cecil Otter – Cecil is the most underappreciated member of Doomtree. He has a very clear and strong voice that is almost like the trombone section in a brass section. He has an interesting flow to his raps that is choppy in time but smooth in sound. The beats that he uses are similar to P.O.S.’s but much jazzier.

Lazerbeak – Lazerbeak is the beat master. Though I don’t think that he makes every beat, because I am sure others have say in them, but he is the member that puts all of these together and creates the ambience for the whole show. His sounds are similar to Budo’s who has worked with Grieves, Macklemore, and Sol, but Lazerbeak’s hit so much harder.

Paper Tiger – Paper Tiger is the member I know the least about, but adds a lot. He is the creator of intricacy in the band. Lazerbeak creates the beat but Paper tiger adds the finesse to the sound that makes Doomtree listenable, even with such a hard hitting sound.

Mike Mictlan – Mike is the hype of the band. A very good rapper and writer, he has a very classic hip hop voice that gives the band the energy that it needs to hold a 7 person rap group together. Mike Mictlan will make you want to dance and hold in every beat that is dropped.

Doomtree just released their new album All Hands at the end of January and it is HARD. The beats drop, and the words hit. Though I miss some of the finesse from previous albums and the individual projects I think that the album was made for a high energy show, and aside from Wu Tang I’m not sure if any rap groups could throw a high energy show better than Doomtree. Due to health issues Hellfyre will not be opening for Doomtree on this tour but Busdriver from Hellfyre, will be. I think that Hellfyre would have been a perfect opener, but I am just as excited to see Busdriver as his individual music is technical, strange, and genius. I am very excited for the show on the ninth and will certainly be commenting on its energy.

Marcus Shriver / A Coffee Unenthusiast / KXSU Promotions Director


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