The Great and Mysterious Sasquatch, or How A Bunch of Seattlelites Ended Up In The Middle of Nowhere : Recap of Day 1


Generally, I try to avoid crowds. The sweatiness. The claustrophobia. The mob mentality. But when this particular opportunity presented itself, I had to seize it. I had to.

The opportunity I speak of is, of course, Sasquatch.

Sasquatch! Music Festival draws a crowd unlike any other. Taking place over Memorial Day Weekend, this four-day-long music festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre in Quincy, WA, and features a lineup with both globally recognised artists and local favourites.

In an attempt to make this festival super interesting, Marcus and I have come up with two very particular beats to follow. I will be covering fashion and style, of both the artists and attendees, hashtagged with #SASHIONBITCH and Marcus will be going undercover as the #FUCCBOIINVESTIGATOR. Keep an eye out for us at the festival and on social media.

Aaaaaaanyway, here’s a recap of day one, KXSU-style:

THUNDERPUSSY: One of Seattle’s favourite local bands with attitude for days played in all white outfits, contrary to their normal all black outfits. This change in wardrobe only lead to a show that was just as energetic, sexual, and awesome as usual!

#SASHIONBITCH SHOUTOUT: Goddamnit Molly, I want that bodysuit. I WANT IT.

JUNGLE: Jungle was formed only a few years ago, but their popularity has shot through the roof, ’cause they were totally rockin’ the Sasquatch main stage. Their midtempo funky beats had everyone up and dancing like maniacs. Kind of fratty, but the fun kind of fratty when the party is only half an hour in. Truly a great band to see live, if you can survive the crowd.

THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS: So. Many. Dads!!!! With Neko Case/The New Pornographers making appearances at Sasquatch a record nine times over the years, they practically live at the festival. I guess that’s their choice. Clearly a crowd favourite.

BISHOP NEHRU: Bishop is a young New York based rapper and producer who has done amazing things with huge names such as MF Doom. He had a huge crowd and everyone their was baffled by his on-stage talent. Not only were his words powerful, but they were clean, intricate, and exciting. His clear and crisp performance style was a perfect contrast to GoldLink’s performance which was amazing and on the other spectrum of progressive hip hop.

#FUCCBOIINVESTIGATOR SHOUTOUT: Bishop is whatever every fuccboi wants to be but never will be.

GOLDLINK: One of my favourite performances so far. Hailing from Washington, D.C., Goldlink brings a vibe unlike any other. He connects to the audience and keeps it real – his presence is magnetic. Even after I left the press pit, I stayed to watch the rest, it was that good. Mad respect.

#FUCCBOIINVESTIGATOR SHOUT OUT: This is what every fuccboi imagines himself/herself listening to during intimate times.

ACTION BRONSON: THE KING, THE LORD, THE MASTER. Action Bronson’s aggressive and powerful performance and persona creates a charismatic orbit around him that all tools will follow. Though the crowd isn’t my style and probably isn’t what most people would call “fun” Action knows what he is doing and throws one of the most fun shows anyone will ever see.

ALUNAGEORGE: I was definitely interested in catching AlunaGeorge live – one of my favourite studio artists, AlunaGeorge is an electropop duo from London. Aluna commanded the El Chupacabra stage with a lovable, childlike energy, bringing down a full house with music influenced by experimental hip-hop, R&B, and house.

#SASHIONBITCH SHOUTOUT: Awesome top, Aluna, really diggin’ the Hello Kitty. I love you!!!! Fuck, I feel like I’m gonna cry. You’re so beautiful.

ANGEL OLSEN – Do you want to cry of happiness and sadness at the same time? Angel Olsen’s sort of fuzzy and fully vibrant voice is everything you’d ever think it would be live and so much more. 10/10 would recommend for first dates and last dates.

SLEATER-KINNEY: Full disclosure, we fell asleep but it was honestly so great. Every time we woke up, we were just blown away. Thank you, Carrie, for giving that Tina Belcher shoutout, it totally made my night a million times better.

FLUME: We experienced about five minutes of Flume with the full intention of leaving as soon as possible. Love Flume, hate the fuccbois. #Plzchill.

Bella Pham | Currently Sweating Her Skin Off | #SASHIONBITCH | KXSU Social Media Director


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