When You Are Fresh and People Know It, You Feel Like Superman: A Preview of Fresh Dressed a Documentary on the Rise of Hip Hop Fashion feat. Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Puff Daddy, and more being shown at the North West Film Forum until July 2n


Some of the United States’ biggest fashion statements have been made by hip hop artists and hip hop culture. On the reverse, some of the United States’ biggest Hip Hop Artists have been made by the clothes that they wear. From Sean John to Yeezy Boost, from Nike to Timberland, who wore it the freshest?

The individuality within hip hop culture is one of the most important parts of the music. Fresh Dressed featuring artists such as Pharrell Williams(and his hats), Kanye West, Nas, Puff Daddy takes on one of the most interesting subjects to anyone that is interested in music or fashion. Director Sacha Jenkins has a lot to cover with this movie but he has certainly brought in the right people to talk about it. Hip Hop being a genre of music that is created and born from less affluent cultures, why is it that there is so much focus on expensive high end fashion? Why is it that Hip Hop Fashion has stuck around so strongly?

Even in 2015 affluent white people like Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande want to dress like the black teens from the Bronx. What makes a pair of Fresh Jordans so perfect for today’s society?

I am very excited to see Fresh Dressed this week at The Northwest Film Forum. It screens until Wednesday July 2nd, and I strongly recommend you see it as well.

Marcus Shriver // Reporter // A Towel in a Hamper // KXSU Radio 102.1 FM


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