Your Guide to Love, Sex, and Power at Capitol Hill Block Party: Just Kidding, It’s Just a List of Our Favorite Bands this Year

Capitol Hill Block Party is fucking hot. So many awesome artists sizzling your poor feet on to that hot street. You’ll be screaming for cold beer after about 10 minutes. Now, CHBP is not my favorite festival by any means. It tends to be a bit, “ Frat boy gets drunk and becomes a yuppy” or “Yuppy gets drunk and becomes a frat boy again.” Either way its ridiculous and often ends up in some sort of racism. The positives of this festival however, are that you will get to experience your favorite local bars, bands, and friends, but all for a price. That price is not the money you pay for a ticket, because tickets are very reasonably priced, but rather it will be paid in the amount of sweat that you drip on to that edgy new outfit you bought from Urban Outfitters last weekend. Ignoring all the urban outfitters, baseball caps, and possible heat stroke at CHBP the fest does an AMAZING job of booking local talent as well as some acts that don’t come through often. Last year I was elated to see the Thermals, even got hyphy A$AP love, and felt so much ovary envy at CHILDBIRTH. This year they have done an awesome job mixing in the locals, and here are the acts that you should take your beers too.

1. Girlpool – Girlpool is an awesome duet that has a mix beach rock and punk rock. They ride the line between punk and alternative, but really would be great on tour with Chastity Belt and that is the best way to describe them. The mixture creates a perfectly sad and powerful sound. They aren’t overly dynamic live, but this does not take away from their ability to capture audiences. No one who goes to this show will be disappointed.

2. The Julie Ruin – Dance to punk music. Do it at this show. The lead singer is strong and charismatic and the music is CATCHY AF.

3. Shabazz Palaces – Seriously people get your head out of your ASS. Stop getting degraded by Danny Brown and thinking that is the Hip Hop you deserve. Shabazz Palaces is so much MORE. First of all and most importantly they have a focus on culture. “What?” “Culture?” “Like when G- Eazy talks about his sadness?” “NO NOT SAD WHITE BOY CULTURE!!! STOP! The Culture of Hip Hop runs so deep and so full into religion, race, belief, and sound. Shabazz touches all of these. They Don’t play around Seattle as much anymore, which means when they do you should go. The music is ambient, strong, and experimental. It may be some of the strangest hip hop you’ll ever hear, but that is only because they are ahead of the game.

4. Porter Ray – DON’T listen to this guy if you want to listen to rap all day, because he doesn’t have enough music out for you to be fulfilled. His raps are smooth and his beats are smoother, I fuck with this guy tenfold, and Sub Pop agrees, as they are putting out his FIRST full length soon.

5. Father John Misty – Do you want to feel very sad, but also oddly sexually aroused? Because this is how Father John Mist will make you feel. Formerly the drummer of the Fleet Foxes, and also known by his real and folk name J. Tillman this guy is one of the many Sub Pop royalty at CHBP. I would name him as the Duke of Sub Pop. He has this way of him that is mysterious, though he seems to lay all of his emotions out in every song. Maybe it’s the red lights around him or maybe it’s the suit he wears. Either way, he will capture your attention.

6. THUNDERPUSSY – T. PUSSY. THE HOLY. THE POWERFUL. THE VAGINA. Thunderpussy will blow your mind with their vocals and the individual instrumental talent, and that is if you can see past the awesomeness of the dancing and the swagger that they have.

7. Grave Babies – They might scare you but they are still something beautiful. They just released their new album Something Awful on Hardly Art and I highly recommend it. Grave Babies has a creepy sound with a good amount of punk finesse. They are very interesting and it’ll be cool seeing them somewhere other than the Black Lodge.

8. Giraffage – Feeling like you want to dance? Maybe you are feeling fratty enough to put on a polo? Well Giraffage will fulfill every electronic need you have from the drops to the catchy high notes. The simplicity of each beat that he layers into songs that create a scene in the imagination is astounding. I keep missing this guy and I am so mad that him and Girlpool are at the same time…

9. Unknown Mortal Orchestra – The new album is so good! They sell out really quick when they come to Seattle so get to the show quick or you’ll miss it. The synth, the creativity, and the aweseomeness of this band are immeasurable.

10. Brothers from Another/The Physics –Brothers From Another is where you can have a nice fratty time without being an idiot. These guys know how to party and you should certainly join them. They are some of the friendliest guys you’ll ever meet and you can tell from their stage presence. They might be having more fun then you, but don’t be jealous because they are also much better rappers than you. They are releasing a full length album soon, so catch them before they are famous. The Physics on the other hand are established in Seattle as a deep powerhouse of hip hop. They just released an EP and have been a little more dormant since. But they are awesome and pretty genius in their craft.

Marcus Shriver // A Telephone // KXSU Reporter


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