An Ode to the Security Team at Capitol Hill Block Party’s Vera Stage

Loud rock ringing in

my ears. I look to Heaven

and see your faces.

Opening Scene: A hot mass of humans swaying in sync to the heart-wrenching twang of Girlpool’s guitar. A young teen swoons. My hands are clammy. The opening rift to Before the World Was Big begins and spirits are high as cool drops of water splash against our faces. Is it raining? Is the tall man with the giant stuffed animal in front of my sweating profusely? No, a security guard has sprayed us with water, waking the hot mass of bodies from a collective Girlpool-induced haze. Thank you security man; I forgot where I was.

Scene: The mass of humans has expanded and a rougher crowd fills in. Meatbodies takes the stage in a spectacular array of sequined and metallic costumes, exciting the crowd and inducing a mosh pit. A man in black leaps from his perch at the side of the stage and inserts himself into the pit, attempting to control the bodies, as his comrade on the opposite side yells for the crowd to shove him away. “Bounce that security guy outta there,” he cheers, once again spraying us with water. The crowd obliges and shoves the guard back to the front as rain falls and the Meatbodies boys shake their booties. Thank you security men; your banter was entertaining and mosh-prevention protected my camera.

Final Scene: The mass is particularly unruly as The Coathangers thrash about towards the end of their set. A young girl is shoved and falls to the ground, dropping her belongings. The man in black reaches down like the hand of God and pulls her up from the ground. She’s safe and we rejoice. Thank you security man; you saved her life.

I see your faces

Scanning the crowd for trouble

Thank you men in black

Shannon Phelps / Safety and Haiku Enthusiast / KXSU Reporter


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