“I Was TOO High” : The Post-Capitol Hill Block Party Playlist


Are you hungover? Sad? Or even enraged that Capitol Hill Block Party is over and you didn’t get your fill of baseball hats, and midriff? Or are you still upset by all of the loud music you heard outside your window and while you were just trying to watch some Orange is the New Black without pants on? Either way, and however your emotions are treating you, there are less bros on the street today and that is good for everyone. To help your somewhat distraught nature after CHBP I have put together a playlist of the best live performed songs at Capitol Hill Block Party.

You: “But Marcus, why do I want a playlist of non-live songs that you thought were great live?”

Me: “I hate you. Just listen to the playlist and stay hydrated.”

The Post-Capitol Hill Block Party Playlist

  1. “The World is Crowded” by Unknown Mortal Orchestra – The world is crowded especially when you were far too high at Capitol Hill Block Party and couldn’t find your ID 146 out of the 150 times they asked you. UMO makes this terrible experience of not being able to smell yourself great with this catchy song that I will never get out of my head. Seriously, I was trying to by some cookies today and I couldn’t stop singing this song, needless to say I dropped my cookies and started dancing. Now I have crumbly cookies.
  2. “Corvette” by Shannon and the Clams – If you drove your Corvette to Capitol Hill Block Party, you’re probably an awful person. But if you drove it to CHBP from the beach, you may be a terrible person, but at least you understand where Shannon and the Clams are coming from. This band is great live. I wish Shannon sang more.
  3. “Mind of a Mack” by Porter Ray – Is he a fuccboi? Probably. He also has amazing pronunciation. Each word that came out of Porter Ray’s mouth was strong and intelligent. It’s fuccboiness gave was a decent way to describe 70% of the people at Ratatat. Watch out for this guy, he isn’t in the moor gang like most of the good rappers around, but he has something special about him.
  4. “Cherry Picking” by Girlpool – Did you see your ex at Capitol Hill Block Party? I didn’t, but I’m sure some of you did and I can imagine many situations in which that sucks. Girlpool can make you feel all those break up feelings again in just this song. It was the last song in their set and by golly was it CHERRY.
  5. “Over and Underground” by Grave Babies – CHBP is over and underground, and Grave Babies played underground at everyone’s favorite oddly Cabo themed bar Cha Cha’s. Grave Babies threw an awesome set that was dancy, fucking hardcore(like digimon), and slightly health goth. It was quite beautiful under the red ambiance of Cha Chas.

That’s it. If you want more on the playlist, add it. Bye.

Marcus Shriver | Your Favorite Tinder Match | KXSU Reporter


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