Bumbershoot Day 2: Ow My Ears… MY EARSSSS

Day 2 is not for the faint of heart. But seriously if you have a pacemaker, make sure it’s working on Sunday because it is super hardcore. By super hard core I don’t mean underground punk hardcore, I mean like, “hey 30 year old Dads with ripped shirts hardcore.”

Here’s how to not f***the day up:

  1. Mikal Cronin – Have you ever sat in your garage playing in a band thinking you were a good musician? So, did Mikal, except he is actually VERY good. He’ll always have a slight garage sound and we love it. Like the guy he often plays back up to, Ty Segal, Mikal is a fantastic writer and gives of beachy vibes. BEACHY VIBESSS. Pop with something extra. If you are a Mac DeMarco kind of person, this set will be for you.


  1. Kehlani – Whoa, who does your beats? They are f***ing good. Well, it doesn’t really matter because the way Kehlani sings over them is perfect. Her voice is delicate and song, but she uses her beats with power and pure intention. Have you ever wondered why you weren’t performing well in bed? Its because you aren’t listening to Kehlani.


  1. Brand New – POP PUNK IS DEAD. But obviously Brand New never got that message. Maybe its because they are a little more punk, metal, experimental, and niche, but somehow, someway, they are one of the biggest survivors of the train wreck that was Pop Punk. All the other bands will forever be living the sweaty nightmare of Warped Tour. Watching Brand New will be like watching history. Maybe it wasn’t the section of history, but it was the highlight so that deserves credit right?


  1. Neko Case – My fellow reporter Bella asked me the other day, “What music festival lineup hasn’t Neko Case been on this year?” Valid point Bella. Neko has been on her grind, and I am not mad about it. She is so cool! Neko is a punk singer inside of a country shell. She has the ideas of punk and adds guitar sections that are heavier than any country artist would dare, but she still sounds country. How does she do this? I do not know, but I am definitely not missing her on Sunday.


  1. Punch Brothers – Alternative folk. I watched some Netflix movie on these guys, and I guess their Mandolin player/singer is known to be one of the top 5 Mandolin players in the world. How do they rate this? I’m glad you asked. They rate this by making all of the qualified Mandolin players sit across from each other and tell awkward sex stories while they play scales. This takes about 4 months until people start dying off. That was a lie. I honestly have no idea how they decided he was an elite Mandolin player, but he does write very good music. His songs don’t hit quite has powerfully or as emotionally as comparable bands such as Trampled by Turtles, but Punch Brothers are still good.


  1. Social Distortion


  1. Fox and The Law


  1. Isreal Nash


  1. The Fame Riot


  1. The Cave Singers


Marcus Shriver  // Your Favorite Slice of Bread // KXSU Reporter


One thought on “Bumbershoot Day 2: Ow My Ears… MY EARSSSS

  1. Henry Chamberlain says:

    I think lower ticket prices will save Bumbershoot’s soul. How about a special discount for a Youth Pass, everyone 21 and younger gets in for half the price. One of the great things about Bumbershoot was that you got to go in and experience a lot of cool bands at one low price. But the coolest thing of all was that much younger listeners got to enjoy a whole lot of bands outside of a club.

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