Day 3 of Bumbershoot: Glamour Police Beware

Today is the day I hate the most. I like the lineup, I really do. The artists are all really good. But gosh dangit will there be so much glitter today, and that glitter will certainly never come out of my clothes. I’m looking at you Ellie Goulding.

Here is how to have fun, even with glitter in every crevice of your body:

  1. Robert DeLong – I am not an electronic specialist. To be honest most of the time I listen to electronic I find myself very confused. But Robert DeLong makes me confused in good ways. I he has a good mixture of electronic music mixed with other catchy elements, so you can grind with that weird stranger next to you and still pretend to know lyrics to his songs. A match made in heaven.

  1. Hey Marseilles – They have been a bit quiet since they released The Lines We Traced in 2013, but I really hope they come back! That whole alternative folk music fad may be dying, but Hey Marseilles has enough pop in them to make it through. They have really strong lyrics and so much passion in their music, sometimes it is hard not to cry during while listening to this band. I am crying a little right now.

  1. The Grizzled Mighty – HEAVY. Classic guitar riffs with lyrics you might not be able to hear because the guitar is melting your ears. They are pretty great. They released their new album Closed Knuckle Jar in April and we love it.

  1. SISTERS – This local duo is making a splash. They have pop on their side and music talent in their arsenal. Mix a little bit of TUNEYARDS with a spoonful of Regina Spektor and add really cool electronic element to their instruments. Watch out for them, they have an edge.

  1. Bread & Butter – We have a huge band crush on this band. They are still pretty local but their country undertones and vocals make them so darn charming. PLEASE DO NOT LOOK THEM UP ON SPOTIFY, or do it’s kind of funny. It is this little kids singing about Jesus. But that isn’t the band we are talking about.

  1. Dave B

  1. Nacho Picasso

  1. Brothers From Another

  1. Minus the Bear

  1. Ellie Goulding

Marcus Shriver  // Your Favorite Slice of Bread // KXSU Reporterbr


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