How To: Bumbershoot

BUMBERSHOOT IS TODAY! Every Labor Day weekend, the Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival takes over the Seattle Center with live music, visual and performing arts exhibitions, street vendors, beer gardens, and food galore. Right in the heart of Seattle, the festival spans three days. You should be prepared for three days of complete mayhem.

Here are some last-minute do’s and don’ts to read as you put on your bucket hat and get ready for maybe the hyphiest Bumby ever.


DO try some of the food. There are endless food options from lots of different vendors from all around Seattle. Where else can you get a burrito, gyro, and onion rings, all in less than 15 minutes? That sounds like heaven to me.

DON’T be afraid to leave the festival and eat elsewhere. There are tons of restaurants and grocery stores all within blocks of the Seattle Center

DON’T bring outside snacks – they’re not allowed this year!

DO bring an empty water bottle. There are water stations all around Bumbershoot. Stay hydrated, folks.


DO bring a jacket. Seattle is hella unpredictable when it comes to weather – it might be 85 now but let me tell you when you’re out there late waiting for Chance The Rapper you’ll want a sweater.

DO dress comfortably. You’ll be walking around all day in the same clothes, probably sweating a bit too. You don’t want to be wearing something you won’t be comfortable in in 8 hrs.

DON’T whip out your offensive, culturally appropriated garb. It’s 2015, people! Plz be respectful and leave the bindis at home. Flower crowns are okay, but we’ll judge you.


DON’T forget sunscreen. Do you really want to look like a lobster after the weekend’s over? It might be cloudy but those UV rays are real.

DO download the Bumbershoot app! There’s tons of really useful stuff on there, like maps and schedules and notification options. With the super hyphy lineup this year, there’s going to be way too many people at Bumby. Don’t get lost!

DO have a buddy to share the day with or make new friends.

DO see artists you’ve never heard of before, and maybe you’ll find your newest musical obsession. With multiple stages and music performances all day you’re bound to find someone new that you like!

DO have fun!! And catch KXSU runnin’ around all weekend and say hi!

Bella Pham | That Chick In The Timberland Platform Boots | KXSU Social Media Director


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