Feel Emotions the Way You Want to Feel Them: A Preview of the Allison Weiss and Mal Blum show at The Vera Project on October 21st

A pop-punk dreamer at heart, Allison Weiss has drifted into a poppier sound, and do we love it? I am not sure if we do yet. I like her new album New Love, but is it better? Who knows?

What I know we do love, however, is Allison Weiss’s personality. The last time she came through Seattle she was opening for Say Anything, the neo-pop punk sensation (not the beautiful 80’s love movie). Allison was probably the most charming person I have ever seen perform. Her personality shines through her performance and gives her good music a fantastic story behind it. If you are struggling to see where I am obviously going with this piece, I am highly recommending it.

Not only do I recommend the headliner Allison Weiss, but I also, to an even further extent, recommend Mal Blum who is slightly below Weiss on the bill. Mal Blum is fantastic from her voice to her lyrics. A mix of nostalgia, angst, wisdom, and individuality, Blum can tell you a story about anything and make you feel your whole body shut down, due to an overload of emotions. Mal has put out two of my favorite albums of all time and a recent album, You Look A lot Like Me, that I truly enjoyed and is continuing to grow on me. Mal’s folk punk roots will continue drive the sound of her music, but she will continue to base her sound off of the story that she is telling. Every song has a perfect tone created by the story that is soothingly pouring into our brains. Tying the twine of each song is the entirely unique full voice that I love so much.

This show will take place on Wednesday, Oct 21st, at the always all ages Vera Project. For fans of pop-punk, folk-punk, and Colleen Green-like music, this show is for you!

Marcus Shriver | A Pizza Tragedy | KXSU Head Reporter


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