A Preview of The Paper Kites at The Crocodile on November 17th


Anyone down for a night of nice folk rock and Australian accents?? Who isn’t???? Everyone, please make sure to catch The Paper Kites and in all their Aussie glory this coming Tuesday, November 17th, at the Crocodile.

To make this decision as simple as possible, I have compiled a list of the reasons this show will CHANGE. YOUR. LIFE.

  1. The Music

If you are remotely into this genre, you have most likely heard their popular 2010 single “Bloom.” Five years, two EPs, and a full length album later, the group has returned with their sophomore effort, twelvefour, based on the concept that an artist’s most creative hours are from twelve to four in the morning. The creative songwriting head behind The Paper Kites committed to staying up from twelve to four am each night (or morning technically), for two whole months, recording about 30 demos in that time.

Although some of the music took a turn from what the entire band was used to, after some time and adjustment it came to record the album- right here in Seattle! Working with the Grammy-nominated producer Phil Ek, a producer and mixer who has worked with countless Seattle favorites over the years (The Shins, Built to Spill, Band of Horses, Mudhoney, Fleet Foxes, Father John Misty, and more), this Australia/Seattle born album is certain to be the focus, and rightly so. The album is fresh, fierce, and just the right amount of folky. Stand out tracks include “Electric Indigo”, an uptempo little number that opens the album, and “A Silent Cause”, a track that seems to resemble most The Paper Kites’ most well known sound.

  1. The Venue

The Crocodile is a great venue for The Paper Kites. Large enough to fit a whole bunch of sensitive souls (enough that there are still tickets left, you can purchase them here) but not too large that the show will not be as ~intimate~ as you would require of a Paper Kites show. Located only a 15-ish minute bus ride away from campus (take the 2 towards downtown from Broadway and East Union and get off on 3rd and Virginia), this venue is not quite as convenient as Neumos, but still super accessible, even on a Tuesday night (we live in Seattle people, take advantage of our stellar location).

  1. The Opener

Old Man Canyon are a stellar opener for The Paper Kites: folksy, contemporary, and a whole lotta man bun. Taking their folk roots and mixing in electronic elements/influences, Vancouver’s Old Man Canyon is not an opener (or man bun!!) to miss.


Highlighted tracks: Wiser and Back to the Start (released Nov. 3rd this year)

  1. The Accents

Who doesn’t find a nice Austrailian accent swoon worthy. +5 points to The Paper Kites for bringing this to the deep American Pacific Northwest. This a rare (and loved commodity). In the trailer of their upcoming film twelvefour that focuses on the process of making the album twelvefour (duh) and more generally the struggles and triumphs of making an album as a whole excellently gives a taste for what we can expect this Tuesday (10/10 would recommend, not just for the accents but also for album context).

  1. The Value

You know this concert is just what you are looking for. When we live in the heart of such a vibrant, happening, and musical #lit city like Seattle, why not go to concerts on a Tuesday! Tickets are extremely reasonably priced. The music quality is extremely high (almost as high as a (paper) kite, maybe?). It can’t get any better than this.

Come on everyone. Carpe diem. Yolo. No ragrets. Just do it. This will be one of the most chill, positive concerts you will be able to find goin up on a Tuesday. Don’t miss it. I hope to see everyone at the Croc this upcoming Tuesday, November 7th.

Show’s at 8, and all ages welcome.

MARIA KING | Yeezus Christ Super Star | KXSU Reporter


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