Mac Miller, A Sonnet: A Review of Mac Miller and GoldLink at The Showbox SoDo on November 9th


Mac Miller

Mac Miller, it has certainly been a while

Ariana has clearly moved on but I know you’ll be okay

With your neck tats by your side you can still sing “The Way”

Don’t you worry, all these white people still like your style

Sing Donald Trump and the crowd will all smile

Remember the glory of the blue print days?

Being more famous than Macklemore, and singing with Ariana Grande

Those days our now gone, and I am in denial

Because your whole crowd looks like Macklemore

With that stupid hair and thrifted jacket

Mac Miller, I have never seen anyone more majestic

Not like a unicorn, but like a chalk white, magical door

With a gold handle, you open wide, and inside it is lit

GoldLink should have headlined, and it would have been “Lit like Bic”

MARCUS SHRIVER | Po3t’$ Best Friend | KXSU Head Reporter




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