La Luz at Neumos tops our list of things to do on New Year’s Eve

KXSU’s Top 5 List of Things To Do on New Year’s Eve in Seattle

1. La Luz at Neumos 21+

A wise man once asked me a question that haunted me for weeks. It haunted me as I rode my horses through fields of beige. It haunted me as I loaded my double barrel shotgun. It haunted me as I watched overly gory movies while trying to see God by eating too many hot Cheetos. He asked, “How has Quentin Tarantino, not found La Luz yet?” Brian’s question is a serious one. I take his question and I raise him one. WHY HASN’T EVERYONE FOUND LA LUZ YET? With a gooey classic beach rock center, and a mystic latin-influenced western shell, La Luz is pushing the bounds of their surf rock sistren and brethren.

La Luz released their existential candle-lit throne, Weirdo Shrine, in August of 2015, and they continue their dominance of the Midwest. Having recorded with indie-lord Ty Segall in a small shack in California, the album has a superb production and quality that La Luz’s talent deserves.

La Luz,  just announced that they will be relocating to LA, and though we are very sad to see them go, we highly encourage you to catch one of these their two shows at Neumos this New Year’s Eve before they leave, and take over the whole world. There will be an All Ages Show on Wednesday December 30th, and a 21+ show on New Year’s Eve. On both nights, they will be playing with awesome local bands, Gazebos and Sick Sad World. As hometown heroes, the Luzers throw a show with the energy of a surf rock show, but add a creepy western tint to their sound, this night will be filled with dancing, surfing, and haunting sounds.

2. Shabazz Palaces at the Neptune 21+

Were you fast enough to get tickets to this? They went pretty quick. But you might be able to swindle a pair out of one of your friends, by getting them to party too hard during NYE festivities.

Shabazz is already full of gold and sparkle, and there is no better way to bring in the New Year with gold and sparkle.

As we watch Shabazz get bigger, better, and more experimental, Shabazz will become our number one hip hop celebration to bring in your new year, every year that they do it. Make your new years resolution to stop listening to Macklemore listen to better hip hop.

3. KEXP New Year’s at the Seattle Center Needle 2015 All Ages

Do you like lights? I like lights. They sparkle. They light my way when I need a glass of water at 2AM in the morning. Whelp, KEXP and the Needle have fireworks, which are like lights except wayyy doperrr.

This will be the third year that KEXP will be adding awesome music to this event, and per usual, KEXP always adds great music to your life.

4. Candi Pop ft. Bubblegum Pop from the 90’s & 2000’s at Barboza 21+

I miss the 90’s & 2000’s Bubblegum Pop, but mostly I miss Lisa Frank. Anyway, this night will bring that back, and if it is curated as awesomely as “Dance Yourself Clean” is, then you can expect to see me at this dance party week after week, reliving all of the Brittney bangerzzzz.

My advice for those planning on going to this, is that you catch up on your 90’s and 2000’s bangerz while wearing acid washed jeans and obnoxious colors.

5. Seattle Bash at the EMP Museum 21+

Do you have $$$$$ and want to spend it all! Do throw it dogs as they walk by. Don’t eat it. Stop eating it. It’s not good for you. Don’t put it in envelopes and send it to random addresses with pictures of Seinfeld in it. Check out the Seattle Bash. The Seattle Bash at the EMP Museum is quite spendy, but it will have awesome DJ’s, comedy, great lights, and other people that wanted to spend lots of $$$$ on NYE.

Image via Zoe Rain

Marcus Shriver // Pizza Krust // KXSU Head Reporter


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