Announcement: SMAB Applications are up!

Are you sick of getting into your car and hearing Justin Bieber’s entire discography played on the radio waves 24/7? Do you consider yourself to be a connoisseur of the musical experience? Have you ever wished you could have a say in what plays on the air?

Then you should consider joining SMAB, or KXSU’s Student Music Advisory Board!

This committee will be run by our very own Music Director Geran Landen and our sub-genre music directors. Consisting of 10 students, SMAB is designed to give the student body a say in the musical face of their radio station which will be launching on the air sooner than we know it!

SMAB meets weekly, with each member pitching one song they believe should be on KXSU’s rotations. The committee will than vote on each pitched song. If a song receives a majority vote it will be added to the rotations.

What are rotations? Essentially, these are the songs that will represent KXSU’s sound. These songs are chosen by the Music Director and will be the most frequently played songs on the station. Through heavy play, KXSU is able to establish relationships with promoters and bands, which helps get us more music, more shows, and more stuff to give away! It also lets us give exposure to cool music and make a name for the station through unique curating.

SMAB is an opportunity to have a say in KXSU’s music programming and give exposure to the music YOU think deserves it. It is also a great opportunity to expand your musical taste and a great way to meet fellow students who are also passionate about music. It offers valuable experience, especially if you are interested in the music industry and especially especially if you are interested in the Music Director position. Finally, it’ll get you some free music!

If this awesome opportunity sounds like it’s totally for you, apply! The application can be found here. Applications are due this Wednesday, February 10th. For any questions, email Geran at

BELLA PHAM | I don’t care about football | KXSU Social Media Director



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