Local Update: Happy Valentines Day! (almost-ish)

But don’t just take it from me. In this local update, please enjoy a few terrible jokes and Valentines wishes from some local favorites.


PS, Tacocat recently announced a new album to by released by Hardly Art in 2016! Look out for Lost Time!


Bigfoot Wallace and His Wicked Sons have been gigging around Seattle a TON lately- and we love them! The band perfectly combines the positive elements of country music (yes, there are some) and that Seattle indie rock feel. Check em out!


Gazebos’s debut album Die Alone is to be released February 19th!!! I personally can hardly (lolololol harly art pun) wait to get my hands on this album


Chastity Belt recently returned from a longggg span on touring- just in time for lead singer Julia Shapiro to get back on the road with Seattle super-group Child Birth. Even with nothing major happening, Chastity Belt deserves valentines day card. They love amore.


Abraham has been playing and gigging together since 2009. With two albums and tours under their belt, their garage pop feel permeates any touch soul and right into the heart. Catch them at the Crocodile February 21st!


I love S. I can’t say it enough. I want everyone to know how much I love this band. It cannot be contained. S, the long time solo project of Jenn Champion and now her band, is raw, emotional, melodic, and purely exquisite. We haven’t heard much music from S after their 2014 release Cool Choices, but recently we have been blessed with a wonderful cover of Tacocat’s own “Crimson Wave.” Do yourself a favor and take a listen here.

Coming up in local music! The EMP Sound Off! begins this weekend! Each Saturday from now to March 5th, four local acts will be performing in this all ages venue in a battle of the bands style setting- the top three bands and a wildcard show down in a final round on the last Saturday.

There will be KXSU coverage throughout this (these? a four part event?), so be sure to make your way down to the Seattle Center and beautiful EMP this month!

Happy Valentines/galentines/palentines/forever alone day to everyone!


MARIA KING | Memory is scary | KXSU Reporter


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