KXSU MIXES: Rotation Roulette

Every week, our Music Director Geran scours the Internet and puts together a one-of-a-kind playlist, just for your listening pleasure for “KXSU Mixes”. In honor of KXSU finally taking over the air waves, here is “ROTATION ROULETTE”, a playlist highlighting some of the KXSU rotations that will be played on the air starting 2/26.

  1. Paradis – Toi Et Moi
  2. Morado – All I Need
  3. Campana – Cosmos
  4. Animal Camera – Crash!
  5. Jelani Blackman – Submarine
  6. Dude York – Love Is
  7. Naps – Social Skills
  8. Dressy Bessy – These Modern Guns
  9. Prince Rama – Now Is The Time Of Emotion

BELLA PHAM | Jumpwoman | KXSU Social Media Editor



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