Dirty Dancing in Daring Delaware : Friendly Feedback on Firefly Festival 2016


What is the most exciting state in the world? Which state has the most happenings, the most culture, the most controversial situations, and the most trending topics on the Internet?

If you guessed anything other than the great state of Delaware, you are wrong.

Ahhh Delaware: You’re the oldest state in the Union, the largest out of them all (in spirit, not size. In size, you’re 49th), and the location of the annual summer festival Firefly. Technically, the city Firefly is held in is Dover, but if you walk around Delaware for long enough, you’ll find it eventually. Honestly, just drive east, hang a right at the Atlantic, and you’re there.

To be completely frank, I have some grievances with Firefly. First of all, last year was supposed to be my year. Paul McCartney and Modest Mouse played on the same day: the only day I was available to catch the festival. These two were on my bucket list for so long, and I finally had the chance to witness their magnificence. Of course, this was the year that Firefly chose not to sell day-passes. For the first time. They knew exactly what they were doing. As painful as it was to watch Paul and the Shy Rodent pass me by, I just couldn’t fork up the ungodly weekend pass fee to see them. Those thieves stole a Beatle and a Mouse from me.

As a reporter however, I must remain objective regardless of regrets, so this is my take on the 2016 lineup, taking place June 16th through 19th:


From fireflyfestival.com

Our four main headliners consist of Mumford and Sons, Kings of Leon, Florence & the Machine, and Deadmau5. The only act I’d be remotely stoked about out of these four is Florence, and I’m not even that much of a fan (*Gasp* He said he’s not a fan of Florence?? Burn him!). I believe I’ve voiced my opinion of Mumford and Sons before in this blog, so I won’t go too far into detail, but they’ve lost the magic that used to lure me in. Deadmau5 would be fun, but like many other acts on this lineup, they probably would have been way more fun years ago when Deadmau5 was in style. Kings of Leon’s picture is in the dictionary next to the word “meh,” and I feel like they’ve overstayed their welcome in Delaware.

Maybe I’m bitter about missing out on the incredible lineup from last year, but I mean come on: Paul McCartney, Modest Mouse, Gary Clark Jr., Snoop Dogg, Morrissey, Cage the Elephant, Sublime (with Rome, but still cool), AND Twin Peaks? Personally, and I know this is all a matter of opinion; this year doesn’t seem as enthralling.

The 2016 lineup does have a few acts that will probably hype up the weekend however: For instance, I can’t imagine any scenario where Blink-182 and Flogging Molly are not bada*s, or Earth Wind & Fire doesn’t make you boogie. Tame Impala will continue to provide kids with proof for their friends that they’re into trippy culture (‘No really guys, I watch Adult Swim and everything!’), and Fetty Wap will do whatever on God’s Green Earth it is that Fetty Wap does. The Neighborhood will be alright, I guess. But that seems to be my attitude toward this year’s festival as a generality: “It’ll be alright, I guess.” I’d have fun, but not $300-for-a-weekend-pass worth of fun.

Here is Flogging Molly’s set at Pinkpop in 2014.

I apologize if you were stoked on Firefly, you already have your plane ticket and your T-shirt with Marcus Mumford’s face on it ordered from Amazon, and this is putting a sour taste in your mouth, but it’s only my opinion. If you go, have an incredible time; I’d love to hear if it’s better than I’m making it out to be. But if you’re still looking for a festival on the East Coast this summer, I would suggest Governor’s Ball. You can talk to my homie Anna about that though.

One last thing:

There’s a band playing at Firefly called Wet. I just happened to be in a band in high school called WET. I would just like everybody reading this to know that we were the O.G. WET. Before this new crew came out with their indie-tindie-electronica-hipster-tipster-bull-sh*tster, we were trouncing the basements of West Chester Pennsylvania starting mosh-pits, starting riots, kickin’ a*s, takin’ names, and stealin’ yo’ significant otha’s, Cuzzo (my apologies, this is how we talked in Pennsylvania).

Except they got famous and are playing a major festival in the end, so they can have the name.

Enjoy Delaware, folks.

JASON McCUE | WET The Band 4Ever | KXSU Reporter


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