Pell and Daye Jack Are Your Favorite Rappers That You Haven’t Heard Yet

Somewhere between the sounds of Chance the Rapper and Skizzy Mars comes Pell. A rapper from New Orleans with a sense of positivity and a taste for beats that I find extremely promising. Despite the fact that his most popular song featuring G-Eazy (aka Hoodie Allen 2.0), Pell has exactly the sound you’ve been looking for. You might not have known you were looking for it, but I also didn’t know I was looking for waffles the other night when I was drunkenly searching my freezer. Despite my impeccable logic, there are tons of other reasons to listen to Pell, and here is a short list of them I made just for you.

  1. This is something we rap critics always talk about, but we have also started taking it for granted. We MUST talk about it with every rapper because it creates the basis. Drake’s got it, Kanye’s got it, Nas’ got it, whoever wrote Iggy Azalea’s songs has it. Pell also has it and it is the flow that is hot right now. It is relaxed, but positive. Consistent, but expressive. Pell has a good middle-grounded flow. Like Kid Ink, Pell has a flow that could work with so many rappers in collaborations. This is how he could work with that horrible, horrible rapper G-Eazy.
  2. Vic Mensa’s got it. Childish Gambino’s got too much of it. Pell seems to be on his way to having quite a bit of it. He has quite a bit of different sounds in his catalogue, which is slightly concerning, as it seems that he is still finding his exact sound. But it proves that he has a mind that can move in many directions, which is good.
  3. Clarity and projection. He has it on record. We’ll have to see how it translates in his live show.

Now if you are reading this and have decided you don’t like Pell, you should definitely still go to this show, because Daye Jack, who is also on this bill, is also FIREEEE. A much different kind of rapper than Pell, Daye Jack falls into a little bit heavier and deeper rapper. Working with Killer Mike, you better have good flow and some intelligence.  His catalogue isn’t very big, so I can’t analyze too much, but I am really excited to see where it is going. With a little bit of an affection to electronic beats, his songs definitely have power. This along with his raspy voice that reminds me a little of Mick Jenkins is a perfect complement to the intense beats that he throws out there.

Listen to both of these rappers because at least one of them is going to be big. How big, I am not too sure, but this is an all-star tour of ready to break out rappers. Saturday, March 12th at the Vera Project is going to be hyped. Don’t miss it.


MARCUS SHRIVER| Coffee Snorter | KXSU Head Reporter


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