A Jazzy, Exotic Time : A review of St. Germain at the Neptune on April 12th


Ever have one of those weeks where you plan to have a chill time but end up having about a million things to do? Well that was my last week, and St. Germain’s show at the Neptune was just what I needed to make everything alright again.

My pal Jon and I walked into the Neptune expecting a crowd as we always, but were pleasantly surprised to find that St.Germain was already on stage playing to a manageable number of people swaying and dancing to some exotic, fun and jazzy tunes.

Onstage you had your standard guitars, you had your bass, and you even had your French DJ in the back spinning tunes, but what made St. Germain so unique was that he had a slew of interesting and ever rotating traditional instruments too. Lots of flutes and super sweet guitar-type instruments with loads of strings, St. Germain kept me interested during his entire jazzy set with complex and familiar vibes mixed harmonizing traditional sounds.

This certainly wasn’t a show where you go expecting to hear and pick out your favorite tune, many of the songs were long and complexly mixed with little distinguishable lyrics by our French DJ friend- but this didn’t mean it wasn’t possible to get lost in the jazzy soundscape.

One of my favorite songs being:

I would totally recommend St. Germain for study music as well, as his music is complex and unique enough to keep one awake, but it always keeps a smooth, jazzy vibe and the lyrics have a low distraction factor as they are often in another language.

Check out St. Germain’s website here.

JULIA OLSON | Hasn’t started her homework yet | SU Student Correspondent




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