A Preview of Kitten Forever (with Lisa Prank and Autococoon)

Without riot grrrl sprit, feminist ideology, excessive punk energy, heavy distortion, and loads of bright colors, the Black Lodge would not be able to present Kitten Forever with Lisa Prank and Autococoon…


Minneapolis’s Kitten Forever is a three piece ensemble comprised of Liz Elton, Laura Larson, and Corrie Harrigan that ROCKS. With just a drum kit, a bass guitar, a phone mic, and pedals for for days, these girls never quit. Having recently released their 3rd album in their 8th year as a band, their sound is finely tailored; however true to their roots.

Their musical influences range form classic punk and riot grrl to Beyonce, and they capture this, that, and everything in-between. “I like, really identify as a perma teen sometimes” states perma teen and frequent front woman Liz Elton in the 2015 PBS documentary following the band. While the band delivers catchy, driving, punk-style beats (exhibit a- 200x), they also describe as having a “weird, colorful aesthetic”. Sprinkled with tinsel, confetti, groovy flowers, and accented with bright hair, they will rock you into a frenzy– especially at the Black Lodge

Check out their documentary below for a full Kitten Forever experience!

Colorado native but Seattle local Lisa Prank (aka Robin Edwards) adds an extra element of WOW to the show. Scooped up and brought to Seattle by local veterans Tacocat, Edwards was warmly welcomed into the scene, even forming a band with Tacocat (and Childbirth)’s Bree McKenna and Chastity Belt (and also Childbirth)’s Julia Shapiro. Her whimsical, pop punk persona is enticing; performing with just an electric guitar, Roland drum machine, and a large cartoony crown reading “PRANK” in case you forgot, she will without a doubt wow you with her one man band talent, and if not that, with her energetic, lighthearted, #relatable lyrics.


Here’s Lisa Prank’s music video featuring a garden gnome, uploaded by Pony Time’s own Stacy Peck if you weren’t already sure that she is friends with other Seattle musicians.

Completely the lineup is Autcocoon, of Anacortes, WA. Songwriter Caitlin Roberts, “makes melodically dynamic pop songs on guitar, keyboard, and focused vocals, and colleagues shape the music with elements of production, arrangement, percussion, and live support.” Opening the show with their mellow, supremely melodic vibes, Autococoon is a sure way to ease into the energetic night ahead.

The show takes place at the Black Lodge on Thursday, May 12th! All Ages!

MARIA KING | truly the lamest | KXSU Reporter


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