A Preview of The Mowgli’s at The Crocodile on June 1st


On Wednesday, June 1st, The Mowgli’s will be visiting The Crocodile to administer their danceable indie-pop tunes to the Seattle public. After recently releasing their newest single, “Freakin’ Me Out,” in April, the group has been touring extensively across the country. Childhood friends from the San Fernando area of LA, The Mowgli’s main themes of love and positivity radiate from their upbeat and meaningful songs, such as their 2013 monster hit, “San Francisco.”


Their 2015 release, Kids In Love illustrates an evolution of sorts through the maturity of the group’s songwriting, especially in the more intricate melodies and chord progressions. I am expecting an all around fun concert from The Mowgli’s—I’m imagining a lot of dancing, a lot of emotion from the band, and a lot of good vibes from the audience. Joining The Mowgli’s at The Crocodile will be Pom Poms and The Greeting Committee. I suggest dropping the $15 for this show; I believe all of the acts will give exciting and fun performances.

This show is all ages. June 1st, 2016. 8 PM at The Crocodile. You can purchase tickets from the venue here

JASON McCUE | Drowning in School Work | KXSU Reporter


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