SASQUATCH 2016: An Interview with Tangerine



EDITOR’S NOTE: Our lovely reporter Julia is on assignment at SASQUATCH! Festival right now, at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA. She sat down for a few minutes to chat with our local favorites, Tangerine, who have performed for KXSU multiple times back here at home. 

KXSU: Is this your first time at Sasquatch?
Tangerine: Yes, It’s our first time attending and playing.

KXSU: What was it like this morning to play at such a huge festival?
Tangerine: It was very fun; we were glad to help everyone wake up before getting here.


KXSU: How long have you been together, and what made you come together to form Tangerine?TangerineWell, this is Miro the drummer, we met Toby back in high school; we were in a band together for a little wile then stopped playing music together. But we were good friends and like family basically, well two of us actually are. We started playing in Tangerine about 3 years ago as a new project.


KXSUWhat is it like coming up as a band in Seattle?
Tangerine: I wouldn’t call it easy, but it’s worked out really well. There are so many good places to play and so many good bands to play with-its been nice being in Seattle for this. Seattle is a really good place to try and start a band. I feel like there aren’t many places as supportive. Just start by playing shows and it’s a small enough town that by word of mouth people decide they like you. You just have a way of getting out there if you play a whole bunch of shows in Seattle.


KXSU: What’s your favorite Seattle venue?
Tangerine: The Crocodile, they have a smoke machine which is always nice. I love the Sunset Tavern and just the way it looks inside. We have played Neumos a bunch of times, the crew and the sound is always good. Seattle has a really strong DIY scene too where the sound isn’t always great, but it brings a different energy, those are fun too.


KXSU: I was having trouble with this one, how would you describe Tangerine’s sound?
Tangerine: Maybe Garage Rock? Surf rock and roll? We try to be a good mix of pop sensibilities but with rough enough edges where it’s not like bubble gum or anything
KXSU: Maybe pop music made by a garage band?
TangerineYep, that’s it we finally figured it out


KXSU: How have you seen your sound change since you started playing?
Tangerine: [Miro]: I think for me personally-as I become a better drummer I have better options. The drumming has more intention and I go a little weirder. Skill-wise maturing has changed my sound. [Toby]: I’m always buying new pedals and write songs based off that-but I don’t know, I still think we stand behind the first songs we wrote as tangerine. we’ve gotten more cohesive as the time goes. [Marika]: I feel like we are still working on the little things-how the song locks together and flows, and how the people react to it live based on the dynamics and stuff-we are always learning from tours and shows.


KXSU: Any other artists you are looking forward to?
Tangerine: Ty Segall, Fauna Shade, The Cure, La Luz



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