SMAB Picks of the Week

Each week the Student Music Advisory Board (SMAB) comes together to pitch songs to be added to KXSU’s rotations. Here are this week’s choices! 

SMAB Member: Melvin Yuan
Artist : Fear of Men
Song: “Island”

“I’m like an island/ I don’t need to feel your arms around me” Jessica Weiss sings with her soft but firm voice.  Perhaps, everyone is an island. Staying alone is not being with loneliness, but savoring a quiet moment given by nature, a moment to find all the braveness and determination in the bottom of heart.

SMAB Member: Griff Benzel
Artist: Upset
Song: “Away”

The main reason I picked this song was ‘cause the band played at the Fun House last weekend and I’m still kicking myself for missing it. “Away”, coming off their latest 10” EP ’76, is a bratty throwback to 90s twee punk/pop punk that isn’t embarrassing to listen to. The band is something of a brat-pop supergroup, featuring the drummers from the Vivian Girls and Hole. I’m secretly hoping they single-handedly turn “brat-rock” into its own genre. Give it a listen if you like bands like Tiger Trap.

SMAB Member: Emma Pierce
Band: Woods
Song: Sun City Creeps

“Sun City Creeps” is the opening track off the album City Sun Eater in the River of Light from Brooklyn band Woods. The title references rock cult favorites Sun City Girlswho experimented with a variety of genres and sounds, which is exactly what Woods did with this most recent album. A mix of horns, reggae, jazz, syncopated rhythm, and pulsing base really compliment the falsetto of lead singer Jeremy Earl.

SMAB Member: Teresa Hsu
Band: Honne & Izzy Bizu
Song: Someone That Loves You

This beautiful collaboration from the two artists is at once soothing and uplifting.


GERAN LANDEN | KXSU Music Director


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