Adele: A Preview


Photo Courtesy of SYCO/Thames/Corbis

How do you give a sneak preview of an artist like Adele? What am I supposed to say in this instance? We’ve all heard her music, whether we’ve wanted to or not. You’d be hard pressed to meet someone that doesn’t own, at the very least, one song by her. More than thirty million people across the globe have purchased a copy of her 2011 album, 21 with over 11.5 million of those purchases being made in the United States—and her recent 2015 release, 25, has already sold 20 million copies globally, with over eight million of those copies having been sold domestically. To sit here and explain why her music is worth dropping some dough on would be silly because we already know how talented Adele is, and if you’ve got tickets to see her live when she comes to Seattle’s KeyArena at the end of July, you truly are one of the chosen ones in this world. Her entire North American tour literally, all 56 datessold out in less than ten minutes after going on sale, one of the fastest tour sell-outs in music history. If by some fateful, asinine chance you’re able to snag reasonably-priced last-minute tickets from (obnoxious) scalpers, do it. I mean, when else will you ever get to see…

  • A ten-time GRAMMY Award winning,
  • Academy Award winning,
  • Primetime Emmy nominated,
  • Eighteen-time Billboard Music Award winning,
  • Golden Globe winning

…artist live and in person? The opportunity probably doesn’t come around all too often, so capitalize on this if you can. If prices are unaffordable, don’t worry; I’m sure she’ll tour again. Her previous tour played to theaters, and now this one to arenas. Stadiums are next, logically. (Could you imagine going to a place that’s usually used for excited, drunk sports fans, for a concert that’ll parallel the mood of a funeral?)

While I won’t be reviewing either of her two Seattle shows on July 25 or 26, I will be reviewing one of her six sold-out shows at Los Angeles’ Staples Center, on August 9. That’s right, y’all. I am one of the chosen ones.

Find out more about Adele’s tour here.

CRAIG JAFFE | The Chosen One | Editor


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