People of Capitol Hill Block Party 2016

As this was my first year at Capitol Hill Block Party, I thought it was necessary to capture not only the stages and the street meat, but also the people who walk the streets of this festival. Through this, I’ve learned two things: 1) people get very awkward when you ask to take their photo (Or maybe it was just me? It was probably just me…) and 2) there weren’t as many cultural appropriators as I initially feared (#teamthankful). Anyway, I met some very cool folks this weekend and here are some of them:


Gerrit and Brittany are *Style Boyz* (But actually, how great are they?)


I think their names were Marcus and Megan and they were pretty chill, I guess.


Boomboxx & Aaron


Casey & Lauren from The Blow Up 


Meet Sarah, Adam, and their adorable pupper (bork bork), Art! They gave Art noise cancelling headphones so he could enjoy the view, but not be stressed by the sound. They were the nicest folks!


These *literal* party animals were dancing away at CHBP on Day 1. Meet Mike, Megan, and Andrea!

APRIL JINGCO | In love with Art the Pupper | Digital Media Director


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