Chit-Chattin’ with Dilly Dally

KXSU got the chance to talk with Dilly Dally right before their first-ever Seattle gig last weekend at Capitol Hill Block Party. Read up on everything they had to say!


Photo by Jenn Five

KXSU: Hi, Katie and Liz! Thanks for taking some time to chat. How’re you doing?
DD: We’re pretty good, thank you!

KXSU: We know that this is not just your first year at CHBP, but it’s also your very first show (ever) in Seattle. Whenever you’re playing in front of a crowd that’s seeing you for the very first time, what do you like to do, or like to say to them?
DD: Normally, “You guys will have lots of fun, and we are very cool!”

Liz: Katie is great!

Katie: So is Liz!

KXSU: What’s your favorite song to play live?
Katie: I like “Gender Role.” It’s not on our record. It’s really, like, a crazy, weird song. I can make a pitched screaming, like “Ah!”

KXSU: Is this your brand new song?
DD: Not, it’s an older song of ours. It’s on the B-side of our Desire single tape, but it’s not on our record or anything. It’s online, though.

KXSU: We’ll be sure to let our readers know to check that out. So how do you feel about the difference between the music scene in Seattle versus the one in your hometown of Toronto?
DD: We can’t speak about the music scene here at all. We just show up here. We are trying to bring Toronto to Seattle. But we don’t know. Today is our first day we are in Seattle. [CHBP] is gonna bring Seattle to us.


Photo by Mike Massaro

KXSU: We’ve checked out your Bandcamp page and found that you label yourself as “soft grunge.” Could you expand more on that?
Katie: “Soft grunge” means that you’re angry; we don’t love you or wanna kiss you!

Liz: Well, I didn’t make it up.

Katie: I didn’t make it up, either. I just found it on the Internet. It’s just like 13-year-old girls wearing pastel clothes but trying to look morbid and cute. So it’s more like a tumblr; like a little girl fashion thing that’s, like, weird and dark. We don’t come and sit down and having a meeting [and decide] this is the genre we play. We just smoke weed and play music. And stuff comes out of our hearts, our vaginas, and with all of our shit, and then we put a label on it. So that’s the label I found one day while I was on the computer. Hahahaha.

KXSU: Do you want to name off some of your influences?
Katie: We are inspired by cats, and we make music for cats.

Liz: I’m inspired by inspiring people, and marijuana.

KXSU: So where did you get the little pink cupcake on your hands? [Referring to a pink cupcake sticker to their hands.]
DD: Yeah, I got this little thing from Cupcake Royale, which is right here in Capitol Hill. We also got some edibles today from the Goodship, and they are our new best friends. Apparently they’re some other affiliate, and we just made some new friends because these people like their desserts, and we like weed at Goodship. Now we’re just walking around decked out in our Cupcake Royale stuff.

Dilly Dally put on an epic first-time performance in Seattle at this year’s Capitol Hill Block Party! We’ll definitely be first in line when they come back to the city.

Keep up with Dilly Dally: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Website

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