Bumbershoot 2016, Day 2: Why Is Jojo Only Getting 30 Minutes?

After enduring the struggles of decision-making on Friday, the second day of Bumbershoot is much easier to tackle, as my must-sees are far apart enough in the lineup, leaving me with no quarrels of having to choose between one artist over another. Bless you, Bumbershoot schedule gods, for giving me time to get a hotdog in between set. Yes, I plan to get a hot dog in between each set. The heat makes me hungry.

LEMOLO @ KEXP (5:30 – 6:10 p.m.)

It’s safe to say that Lemolo is a perfect representation of “one of the best” here in Seattle. This dream-pop project, led my Meagan Grandall, has been named as best or top new band in Seattle in a number of publications, including Seattle Magazine, City Arts Mag, and The Seattle Times. Lemolo’s sophomore album, Red Right Return, a moody work of open space and melodically vivid soundscapes, is sure to send you into a trance while experiencing its brilliance, live and in-person. Be sure to check out our editor Craig’s pre-Bumbershoot interview with her!

ANDERSON .PAAK & THE FREE NATIONALS @ The Main Stage (6:00 – 6:50 p.m.)

Since 2012, after the release of his debut album, O.B.E. Vol.1 under the stage name of “Breezy Lovejoy,” it’s been no question that Brandon Paak Anderson was going to be a prominent voice in the hip-hop/R&B world. While going by the stage name Anderson .Paak, Anderson strives to expand and showcase his range through his music by pulling from inspirations from a number of genres, including rock ‘n roll, ’70s soul, electronica, and funk. Expect ambient soundscapes, gritty hooks, and cleverly-composed melodies. Not to mention the absolutely *swoon*-worthy lyrics.

JOJO @ Fisher Green (7:30 – 8:00 p.m.)

If you couldn’t already tell, we are all about this chick. The moment we have all been waiting for is finally here; JoJo is going to take the stage. My only question: is 30 minutes really enough time for such greatness?

ZHU @ Key Arena (8:10 – 9:10 p.m.)

Is it just me, or did this guy appear out of nowhere? Since 2014, ZHU has been so humbly making a name for himself and piquing interests of all audiences. His music displays a very natural and ethereal flow, which are perfectly complimented by his abstract and mysteriously conceptual music videos. Having just released his debut album this summer, GenerationWHY, the musician is still unable to be defined. Which, in my opinion, will make for a very interesting and exciting set.

MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS @ The Main Stage (9:50 – 10:50 p.m.)

Everyone and their mothers know this is going to be a good show. Need I say more?

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PRISCILLA GAMIT | How many hot dogs can I eat before the guy at the stand knows my name? | General Manager


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