Quick Lil’ Chat-stity with Chastity Belt


Photo Courtesy of Chastity Belt

Seattle local treasure Chastity Belt is my go-to Space Needle music. Specializing in a classic Seattle sound that is still distinctly their own, this all-girl band creates (at times brutally) honest songs and pairs ‘em with a distant vocal and guitar style. The band’s latest release, Time to Go Home, was their first album released on the awesome local label Hardly Art, and features some distinctly darker themes than any previous record of theirs. Check out what Chastity Belt had to say about some of the inspiration behind their latest album and some band traditions:

JO: Tell us a little about how Chastity Belt got started and who plays what.

CB: We all met in college. Julia plays guitar and sings, Lydia plays lead guitar, Gretchen plays drums, Annie plays bass. Although in some of our newer songs, Julia plays drums and Gretchen sings and plays guitar. There are also a couple songs that Lydia sings lead on.

JO: Have you found the Seattle music community to be welcoming to Chastity Belt?

CB: Yes, very much so. Everyone is really supportive here. There’s not as much of a sense of competition here like there is in other cities like LA and NY.

JO: What’s it been like working with Hardly Art on your newest release Time to Go Home?

CB: It’s been great. They’re all great people/friends. They pretty much let us do whatever we want creatively, which is a nice freedom to have.

JO: I noticed some darker themes on Time to Go Home; was this a conscious change or was it inspired by something in particular?

CB: Nothing we do is really that conscious. I kind of just write songs when I feel inspired, and sometimes that inspiration is darkness, if you know what I mean.

JO: I found so many interesting and unique themes on the album. What was your inspiration for the album and for these unique (and I found very relatable) themes?

CB: Just day-to-day life, mainly. Most of my lyrics just come from thoughts/feelings I have that I’m trying to understand more myself, or that I feel I need to express in some way. Music is a good way to work through those feelings.

JO: What are some artists you’re excited about at Bumbershoot?

CB: Can’t wait to see Death Cab again! Also excited for Third Eye Blind. Curious what Tame Impala is like. I’m ready to watch Tame Impala and get my festy gear on!

JO: Any band traditions?

CB: We like to warm up before shows with a little bit of butt-slapping.

Chastity Belt graced Bumbershoot with their amazing sounds on Friday on the KEXP Stage. If you missed their Friday set and are as upset about it as I am, be sure to check out their Bellingham Show on September 9, 2016 before they head out to Australia!


JULIA OLSON | New lap(top) | Head Reporter


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