People of Bumbershoot 2016

Bumbershoot flew by so quickly, and I catch myself remembering specific aspects of the weekend like living my childhood dream by seeing Jojo in the flesh (and crying at the same time), witnessing So Pitted throw peppers into the audience, having the best poke bowl from a food stand, and meeting some really cool folks like the ones below. As I traversed Bumbershoot (and trust me, I have the blisters to prove it), I got the chance to chat with a few Bumber-goers. Peep ’em below.


Magnolia, Corey, Becca & Amber: All stoked to see Hippie Sabotage


Meagan and Rachael: Just a couple of gals excited for Tame Impala. Meagan was on her way to see White Denim (and they were great, by the way), and Rachael was about to shoot some photos for artists like Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.


Kayla & Katie: They were relaxing and chatting at the Starbucks Stage when I approached them, and they told me that they were looking forward to G-Eazy and Halsey. Kayla also told me that she’s an SU alumni!


Craig & Leela: Hardworking and ever-smiling volunteers for Bumbershoot who were rocking the neon Bumber shirts at the Jojo set.


Hannah & Joshua: Very, very kind folks who were looking forward to Death Cab for Cutie and Tame Impala


Naomi & David: I saw them dancing away to Joywave and when I approached them afterward, they told me they were most excited to see Billy Idol.


Sarah, Spencer, Sam, Emma, Connor, Vanessa & Kenny: Bumber clique 2.0


Steve & Cori: I stopped them as they were dancing and high-fiving their way to Tame Impala


Tevin & Lauryn: I stopped them as they were peeking the food booths in Memorial Stadium. They were very kind (also very cool, I mean look at ’em) and told me they were most looking forward to Tame Impala.

APRIL JINGCO | Still Awkward | Digital Media Director


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