Puzzles, Ping Pong, and Pool: Porches Meets KXSU


Photo by Jessica Lehrman

Ronald Paris, Ricky Pepsi, Space Ghost Cowboys, and Sex God are just a couple of the many monikers of New Yorker Aaron Maine. Porches, however, might be the most recognizable of any name he goes under, and you can see Maine in all his lo-fi synth-pop glory as Porches tonight, September 22nd at The Crocodile.

Porches’ second LP, Pool, was released earlier this year, and has made its way to critical acclaim due to its combination of perfect production and its “I-made-this-in-my-apartment” aesthetic. The success of the record has added to the growth of a pretty chill fanbase that’s also completely intertwined with girlfriend/frequent musical collaborator Frankie Cosmos’ fans. Fresh off of releasing the demo version of Pool in August titled Water, Porches is on tour throughout the US.

AK: How’s the tour going so far?

P: It’s been good. Highs and lows emotionally. Really good shows. Feeling alive, haha.

AK: How are all of your alter egos created? Is it just a passing thought of the name and then they’re expanded upon, or the other way around, or neither?

P: They just sort of happen. I guess the name and persona inform each other equally. It feels nice to have another name to make stuff under, like a clean slate.

AK: I saw on your Twitter that all you’ve been listening to is Frank Ocean’s Blonde and Angel Olsen’s MY WOMAN. What have been your favorite tracks?

P: Hard to pick, but on Frank’s album a few [favorites] are “Solo,” “Nights,” and “White Ferrari.” On Angel’s album, I love “Those Were the Days” and “Pops.”

AK: Anything else you’ve been obsessing over but haven’t tweeted about?

P: Crossword puzzles? Ping pong.

AK: What are you looking forward to the most about being back in Seattle?

P: I’ve only been twice and both times we played at The Vera Project. So this is first time not playing there, so I’m excited to see what’s up. The Vera Project is the sh*t, too; I love it there. That’s basically all I’ve seen of Seattle, sadly.

AK: Describe your Seattle show tonight in 5 words or less.

P: Marvelous.

Be sure to catch Porches, along with Japanese Breakfast and Rivergazer, tonight at The Crocodile. Buy tickets for this stacked lineup here.

ANNA KAPLAN | Happy Birthday Kash Money | KXSU Music Reporter


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