Getting’ My Groove on at The Sunset with Beaty Heart

The Sunset Tavern shook on Wednesday night when Beaty Heart filled the venue with substantial drums, illuminating melodies, and a cowbell.


Photo by Priscilla Gamit

Opening for Beaty Heart was indie rock, post-punk group Beach Baby, celebrating the release of their debut album, No Mind No Money, that dropped at the beginning of September. The four-piece gave a stellar performance which included dancing, game-playing, and awkward-yet-witty banter. On top of that, the lead singer had a mullet which perfectly complimented the late ’90s punk, early Strokes vibe I was getting from the band. The mullet alone is a good reason to check them out.

Beaty Heart took the stage and opened their set with hard-hitting bass and heavy synthesizers, constantly swirling together in coexistence. It was an ideal that was so intense, it caused “technical difficulties” immediately after the first song. There is mad respect, though, for a band who can bounce back and still put on a show when their equipment craps out on them. While the technical aspect was being dealt with, lead singer Josh Mitchell, entertained the crowd with freestyling samples and drum beats to keep them moving.


The turnout for the show was minimal, but that didn’t stop the electronic-pop trio from making the venue shake with their driving drum lines and free-flowing vocals. Performing most of the songs off of their sophomore album, tracks like “Till The Tomb,” “Good Bunch,” and “Green Grease” resonated with the audience, getting nearly every being in the venue on beat.

Till The Tomb shows a great amount of eclecticism, and the crowd enjoying the show mirrored the same. Audience members of all ages were dancing and cheering with drinks in hand between every song, thoroughly enjoying the performance of experimentation that was happening before them.

Transitions between songs were flawless, just as it should be with an electronic set, and there was a great appreciation for the break of drum and bass; complimented by flashing lights, head-banging in unison, and Mitchell’s soft and sincere vocals to balance it all out.

The humble trio ended their set with two of my favorites: “Raw Gold” and “Flora”.

Based on sound, if you’re a fan of Glass Animals or Vampire Weekend, I suggest you take a listen. If you’re into hard-hitting beats and letting your body just move how it feels to the flow of the drums, I highly suggest seeing Beaty Heart live the next time they come around.

PRISCILLA GAMIT | Can’t stop, won’t stop dancing | KXSU General Manager


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