We’re Feelin’ In-Kline’d to See Frankie Cosmos


Photo by Landon Speers

Frankie Cosmos is the fairy godmother we all need in our lives. Her music is short and sweet; she delivers little diary entries cased in melodic, bare-boned pop that will be sure to take you away from the toils of your daily life. Her music skates gracefully across themes that resonate with so many millennials (growing up, dogs, Korean food, the future) all while maintaining her lighthearted humor. After last blessing Seattle on April 20, 2016, they are returning to The Vera Project to offer us all one more night in her world. Honestly, Frankie Cosmos is a blessing, and if you don’t relate or empathize with at least one of her songs, on my honor, I will by you one 12 oz. Caffé Vita cold brew. And then you have to explain to me the mystery that is your life.

From New York, New York, Greta Kline has been performing and songwriting for a long while, and she’s only got a fresh 22 years of age under her belt. Initially recording under the alias Ingrid Superstar before moving to Frankie Cosmos, she has released a vast amount of albums and EPs on BandCamp. Through those releases you can uncover Kline’s songwriting past and journey through her life, 2011-present. With titles such as Collaborative Farting and Birth of Penis, it is quite the musical saga. She released her first studio album, Zentropy, in 2014, and has since released an EP, Fit Me In (2015), and another album, Next Thing, was released this past April. With an advanced touring schedule, Frankie Cosmos (both Greta Kline’s alias and the name of her band) has gained momentum here in the US and abroad, hittin’ up Europe and touring with bands such as Eskimeaux, Porches, and Girlpool. Frankie Cosmos could not be more ready to tenderly rock your face off at Vera.

Accompanying Ms. Cosmos is Seattle favorite iji, who, while originally from Phoenix, moved out to Seattle in 2008 and has done lots of recording in Washington. iji released an album, Bubble, earlier in 2016 (you can bet they’ll be playing it!) and has been touring with the Cosmos crew for a bit now. And get this: their music is so danceable! The upbeat, bob-along tunes Iji throws down will get a little groove in your boots, even if you’re a stand-still kind of concert-goer. Guaranteed.

Starting off the show will be Sundae Crush, previously seen, like, all over Seattle, playing shows with bands such as iji and Lisa Prank, just to name a few. Their sound embodies the light surf-crunch that is often found in these parts, along with elements of their self-proclaimed genre “pop-pop.”

This show will take place on October 7th at The Vera Project. Doors at 7 p.m., show starts at 8! It’s all ages (as always), so don’t miss out! Find out more here.

MARIA KING | cold broooo 🙂 | KXSU Music Reporter


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