Mommy Long Legs On Capitalism and Burritos in the Bath


Photo courtesy of Mommy Long Legs’ music video, “Life RIPS”

Local, sparkly and unapologetically loud, Seattle four-piece Mommy Long Legs played Macefield Music Festival this past weekend, after releasing this statement on their Facebook page:

Howdoyado?! We’d like to take this opportunity to chat with you about something that we feel is super important. So go ahead grab a hot toddy and make yourself comfortable. Due to some scheduling mishaps for Macefield Music Fest, we have been placed on a bill that we really don’t belong on. Not only is this bill overwhelmingly male, one of the bands (all dudes) is called ‘Lesbian’ and the other (surprise! Also all dudes) is called ‘Bali Girls.’” 

Mommy Long Legs decided that, after much deliberation, and after contacting the bands in question, the best way to stand up to “Lesbian” and “Bali Girls” was to “freak these dudes out by simply shredding and being ourselves.”

Mommy Long Legs then suggested their fans attend a march hosted by The Black Freedom Front instead, and provided links to donate to The Gender Justice League in honor of the band “Lesbian,” and to Men Against Sex Trafficking in honor of the band “Bali Girls.” They also went on to clarify in their post that they aren’t calling for a boycott of the festival as a whole, and that there are still many other worthy local acts to see at Macefield.

Mommy Long Legs has been known to stand up for causes they believe in; last summer, they notoriously threw bloody tampons at a picture of Donald Trump’s face during their Capitol Hill Block Party show, along with making various other political statements on their albums and in their daily lives. Mommy Long Legs’ latest EP, Assholes, features the track “Cat Callers,” which includes a jab at men who use that classic “smile more” line, amongst commentary on all sorts of other injustices. Check out the quick chat Julia had with the band below:

JO: Go ahead and introduce yourselves, and tell us what your favorite dessert is.

Mommy Long Legs:

Leah: I play the bread shaker.

Melissa: I play the guitar piece.

Lilly: A non-traditional stand up guitar.

Cory: The drum nut.

For dessert: We all enjoy a burrito in a bubble bath.

JO: I recall there being a “Donald Trump element” to the Capitol Hill Block Party show last year. Mind telling me a ‘lil more about this beautiful statement?

Mommy Long Legs: So, basically, legend has it that we threw bloody tampons at his dumb, ugly face.


Photo by Allyce Andrew

KXSU: Who else were you excited to see at Macefield?

Mommy Long Legs: DoNormaal, Wimps, Boyfriends, and Nail Polish!

JO: I hear that there is an upcoming Mommy Long Legs release. Anything you can tell us about its inspiration? 

Mommy Long Legs: We are putting out a 7″ and cassette. Basically, we are just trying to make father proud.  One could say [that] it’s a cute commentary on the imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy we all know and love.

JO: I love the themes seen on “Life Rips” and “Assholes.” The playful remarks on consumerism keep me alive while doing my business homework. Tell me more about what inspires Mommy Long Legs songs.

Mommy Long Legs: The daily grind, my friend. The daily grind.

JO: I love the new “Life Rips” video, but how long did it take to get the sand, glitter, cake, and jello off?

Mommy Long Legs: Not long at all! With how much lube we keep on hand, it was no problem.

JO: What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on the streets of Seattle?

Mommy Long Legs: The Amazon death star.


Photo by Allyce Andrew

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JULIA OLSON | Yasssss | Head Reporter


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