“What Did I Just See?” Previewing of Montreal


Photo courtesy of NPR

Ah, so you’re thinking about seeing of Montreal this week at Neumos? Thought you’d check out this preview to get an idea of what to expect from the show? Well, the last time I saw of Montreal, there were projections. Yeah, lots of projections, and there was a person dressed as a dog wearing an American flag bodysuit. And they got in a fight with a busty Abraham Lincoln. I heard one time that there was a horse onstage. Basically, when it comes to of Montreal live, expect the unexpected, and the fact that he’s playing at Neumos just means there will be so much strange packed into one tiny, smelly, boozy box. That being said, don’t think all you will get out of of Montreal is a crazy dance party. Much of his new album, Innocence Reaches, touches on some relevant social topics, such as gender norms in “Let’s Relate,” and female oppression in “It’s Different For Girls,” which you can watch below!

Openers TEEN were a bit of a surprise for me. I didn’t have any knowledge of TEEN until researching this show, but their latest album, Love Yes, comes off as a milder electronic-influenced album. While Love Yes has some similar themes as many of Of Montreal’s songs do, TEEN has a much mellower style that should be interesting to observe.

You can catch of Montreal & TEEN at Neumos this Thursday, October 20. Get your tickets here.

JULIA OLSON | Head Reporter


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