KXSU In-Studio: Hoecakes & Revel


Photo by Philip Newton

Local Seattle bands Hoecakes and Revel are next in KXSU’s series of in-studio performances this year. What can you expect from them? Well, both groups began to release music just within the last year. This means we aren’t working with much material, but what songs we have are good. Hoecakes (above) creates a unique blend of hip-hop beats and neo-soul (be ready for some synthesizers) in their first EP and release, Greatest Hits, dropped this past April. Their five-song EP is sometimes upbeat and sometimes slow, but always thoughtful, and just plain cool. Like, ‘taking in a dimly-lit jazz lounge with a slow camera pan’ cool. Hoecakes’s lyrical depth is not lacking, either; you’ll discover themes of less-cool past relationships underneath the synth. Check out the track “Bad For Me” so you can see what I mean.

13391508_1731160627151931_7139510486290033522_oIf I could sum up their openers Revel in one phrase, it would be “mellow angst.” Their latest EP containing their work so far, 2002, heavily features dreamy production, post-rock guitar, and the smooth vocals of lead singer Tessa Rutledge, which almost made me forget to listen to the sad lyrics themselves. Overall, the night is shaping up to be pretty chill. Come nod your head and ponder life with us!

Don’t miss Hoecakes and Revel live in the KXSU studio at 7:00 p.m. on Friday, October 28th. Check out the event page here.

JOSH GEST | It’s a real food, I swear. | KXSU Radio Reporter



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