Sprite, Coca Cola, and Lots of Jazz – Hoecakes Talks With KXSU

This upcoming Friday, October 28, KXSU will be hosting an incredibly groovy Seattle-based funk/hip-hop/jazz group called Hoecakes for an exclusive in-studio set. I’m extremely excited to have these awesome guys come and play, and I’m also happy to introduce their music to all of our Seattle University homies. I got the chance to chat it up with two of the band members, Remy (drums) and Sam (vocals/guitar).


JM: Hey, guys! How freakin’ excited are you for Star Wars: Rogue One?

Sam: On a level from normal to rogue, uh, I’d say I’m nomadic? I don’t know, man!

JM: How did Hoecakes come to meet and start making music?

Sam: I had some music that I had been working on that I wrote mostly about about this girl who was really mean to me. Then one of my friends asked me to play my music on her UW RainyDawg radio show, and I realized I’d need some people to play my music with me, so I called up two of my friends Remy and Daniel in the UW jazz department that could play really tasty stuff and were chill cats.

Remy: This was around March 2015, and at the start we were a 3 piece: Sam, Daniel, and me. The show was a kind of a disaster and I was playing on this janky electric drum set. Eventually, I suggested we let Dan stretch out on keys and add someone to play bass, so we hit up our friend Kalen for some synth bass stuff. It was a good choice, and he buys us wine.

JM:  I’ve seen you guys absolutely kill it at multiple house parties you’ve played. What’s your favorite kind of venue to perform in?

Remy: I think we all like venues with a stage and sound system so we can hear all the weird stuff we put in the tracks.

Sam: Yeah, definitely places where beers and synthesizers don’t mingle.

Remy: But house shows are always fun. We’ve actually been shunned from a certain house venue since our crowds started to get too big and party too hard. We are very respectful, though.

Sam: Except for Daniel. He’s not respectful.

JM: Daniel better respect our music venue when you come play. Or else we’ll sick the wrath of Thor on him. Y’all know how to nail the funk/hip-hop vibe. Every time I’ve seen you play, the audience has been dancing like it’s nobody’s business. What major influences led to your sound?

Sam: Captain Crunch is pretty good. Definitely Che Guevara, and Rock Band II.

Remy: Sprite, Coca-Cola, and a lot of jazz.

JM: Where’d the name Hoecakes come from? I always imagine a farmer using a hoe to dig up layers of icing on a big ol’ cake.

Remy: MF DOOM has a song called Hoecakes and it’s pretty “supa.” That’s where we got the name.

JM: What’s something about your music that you really want your listeners to understand?

Sam: Well, you’re never gonna be able to control how people interpret what you put out there. What matters is where people come from, what they’ve been through and what they want to take in. Kinda like how a ring can fit a lot of people’s fingers perfectly, but not everyone’s. That’s what’s beautiful about finding and creating music you really love, and that’s what we’re going for.

JM: Awesome, that’s really well-put. Do you have any upcoming releases or big events in the works that you’d like the people to know about?

Remy: We’re working on an album of new music with some old tracks from the first EP Greatest Hits. We’re also playing the Tractor Tavern on November 19 with The Dip.

Also we’re playing a KXSU in-studio on Friday, October 28th.

JM: How stoked are you to play at that KXSU in-studio on Friday, October 28th?

Sam: Nomadic.

JM: Again, well-put. Last words to leave us off with until we see you here on the 28th?

 Sam: Go listen to Bill Withers.

Remy: Check out our EP and look at pictures of us so you’re not surprised by how we look when you come to our show.

JM: Thanks for your time, guys! We’re all so hyped for you to come to the studio.

Hoecakes will be playing a free show in the KXSU Lounge on Friday, October 28th at 7:00 p.m. along with opening band, Revel. Catch Hoecakes’ EP, Greatest Hits, here.


JASON MCCUE | Pancake Farmer | Promotions Director


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