:,) – A Preview of PWR BTTM at The Vera Project

Unapologetically sparkly but equally talented PWR BTTM is performing at The Vera Project on November 5 with openers Lisa Prank and Bellows. PWR BTTM has a unique way of making everyday occurrences seem like a romantic comedy, like in their song “Dairy Queen.” They know how to put on a show with their sparkly and relatable presence. Their November 5 show at Vera is sure to be a fun time. Don’t let PWR BTTM’s extravagant presence fool you, though, as their music is more than party music; much of it touches on some previously unexplored avenues in the queer-punk community.


Photo by Patrick McDermott

Opener Lisa Prank is a local gem who deserves to shine. I had the pleasure of seeing Lisa Prank at Sasquatch this year, and immediately fell in love with her bad gal/tell it how it is/take no s***-style of music. Her latest release, Adult Teen, throws a very stylish and mature spin on commentary regarding everyday pains like relationships and broken hearts. An act I would pay to see on its own, Lisa Prank is sure to be a highlight of the night.


Photo by Julia Olson

New York Native Bellows is also opening for PWR BTTM next week, and although previously unfamiliar with his work, I couldn’t be more excited. After doing my research, I found the sounds on Bellows’ latest release, Fist and Palm, to be a beautiful mix between a potential dream team, and my favorite artists, Sufjan Stevens and Porches. Although slightly different in subject matter and sound than PWR BTTM and List Prank, Bellows is sure to pair well with the two to round out a great lineup.

Catch PWR BTTM with special guests Lisa Prank and Bellows at The Vera Project on Saturday, November 5! Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Find tickets and more information here.



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