Let’s Get Mad Emotional – A Balance And Composure Preview


Photo by Andy Elloway

Now that fall is here, I’m back in my rhythm of listening to vibey music while walking around in the gloomy weather. You probably know the drill. If you’re as big of a fan of this as I am, you will not want to miss Balance and Composure, Foxing, and Mercury Girls at The Crocodile this Wednesday, November 2. Trust me, they have your new dramatic, cold weather jams—and they’re even more to experience live.

Balance and Composure is an alternative/indie rock band from Doylestown, Pennsylvania that blends signature atmospheric sounds with grittier, punk-rooted energy. They are returning to Seattle for the first time after recently releasing their third studio album, The Light We Made. Since their start in 2007, Balance and Composure has progressively cleaned up their sound without losing their style and sweet hints of melancholy. For a better idea, note that the band cites influence from Neutral Milk Hotel, Brand New, and of course, good ol’ Nirvana.

Though I’m a huge Balance and Composure fan, the act to see Wednesday night may be St. Louis post-rock band, Foxing. There is something cinematic, haunting, and truly hard-hitting about Foxing’s unique sound that is sure to draw you in. Foxing smoothly blends orchestral elements with rougher intensity. Basically, they somehow pull off sounding like the calm after the storm and the storm itself in one song. Lead singer Conor Murphy has mastered the transition from sweet whispers to screams and rocks a trumpet in the coolest way possible.

Also, don’t forget to show up early to catch Mercury Girls, an indie-pop band from Philadelphia. They have a fun, groovy sound, and you’ll catch me head banging along.

This show will be taking place on November 2nd at The Crocodile at 8:00 p.m. Expect an energetic crowd. Tickets are available here.

JULIA SCHWAB | Self-Proclaimed Emo | KXSU Music Reporter


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