Problematic Favorite Preoccupations Take Neumos (For Another Try)

The last time the problematic favorite Preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong) were in Seattle, there was a bit of an uproar. With a band name like Viet Cong, protesters first tried to shut down the show altogether, and when that didn’t work, they took to protesting outside of the venue.


Photo by Sunny Martini

That being said, Viet Cong has since responded to the offensive name, and changed it to the current Preoccupations. Controversy aside, Preoccupations can crank out one hell of a post-punk album. Their latest eponymous effort earned a spot on my “album of the year” list for its dark and complex melodies. The highlight off this latest album, “Anxiety,” utilizes frontman Matt Flegel’s brooding, drawing his deep voice as a pairing with haunting, melodious keys and a sludgy bass line to create anxiety for listeners and singers alike.

Opening for Preoccupations on November 2 is slightly brighter and crisper, but still deeply disturbing, Methyl Ethel. This dynamic trio has been picking up some much-deserved attention lately, due in part to their debut album, Oh Inhuman Spectacle, and its unique post-punk/dream-pop sound. An excellent pairing for Preoccupations, Methyl Ethel should be a solid way to start a night full of classic post-punk dread and anxiety.


Photo Courtesy of Preoccupations’ Official Facebook Page

Preoccupations and Methyl Ethel will be performing at Neumos on November 2. This event is all ages and doors open at 8 p.m. Catch these tickets fast, as they are sure to go quick!

JULIA OLSON | Post-punk duuudeeee | KXSU Head Reporter


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