Har Mar Really is a Superstar: A Review of Har Mar Superstar at The Crocodile

There’s a common trend that occurs when I go to concerts—it rains on my way to the venue and while waiting for doors, but as soon as I enter the venue the rain magically disappears. The rain trend definitely didn’t subside on my way to The Crocodile on November 5 to see Minnesota native Sean Tillman, aka Har Mar Superstar.


Photo by Rickett & Sones

Seattle natives Charlie and the Rays were quite delightful with their unique mix of a jazzy/folky blues sound. You could really tell that they were having a great time, as they were full of swaying moves and smiles. The use of brass instruments was prominent throughout their set and I was living for it. Their song, “Bitter Love,” surely displayed the sweet harmonies of members Jordan Stobbe, Gracia Bridges, and Rebecca Stobbe.

Just before 9:30, Sweet Spirit hit the stage; compared to their music I listened to beforehand on their Bandcamp they were much more angstier live. Lead singer, Sabrina Ellis, sure did show some power vocals and girl power with her presence onstage that really added to the show.

Suddenly 11 hits and I’m standing in great anticipation wondering, where the heck is Har Mar Superstar? The suspense is killing me and all I can think is how long into his set will it take for him to start shed clothing? What about is headstand? Will he sing over at the bar? All these thoughts and emotions are interrupted by the lights dimming and his band coming onstage. The beat to the song, “Prisoner” is playing and out he comes sporting some patterned leggings, a black tank top, and a funky jacket—such a fashionista to say the least.

Two songs into the set and the jacket comes off, everyone is moving, including his band with some prime coordinated dance moves. Har Mar Superstar wasn’t only about the more or less amusing appearance, but also the vocals. It isn’t too often you can find an artist that has this type of mantra where there’s continuous commentary during and inbetween songs within the set and still have vocals that blow you away—it was unreal.

Throughout the set there were many mentions of Minnesota, even to the point Har Mar referred to himself as, “The Dolly Parton of Minneapolis.” The Minnesota commentary eventually led to a cover of the song, “When You Were Mine” by another Minnesota native, Prince. By this time I was past the point of living, I was bathing in heaven of hometown pride that’s for sure.

Half way through the set, Har Mar’s tank top disappears and he starts to make his way through the crowd, straight to the bar. Singing, “How Did I Get Through the Day?” Har Mar lays on the bar soulfully singing and downing a shot provided by a bartender. By the end of the show, Har Mar was so out of it he tripped and fell over a keyboard. He played it off by laughing about it and continued to lay and sing some more.

You know that cliche saying, “It’s the experience you’re paying for?” A Har Mar Superstar show really is an experience needed to be experienced at least one time in life.

Keep Up With Har Mar Superstar:  Facebook | Website

CELENE KOLLER | Yo Har Mar, how do I become a Superstar? | KXSU Music Reporter


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