Time to Celebrate: A Preview of Tiny Moving Parts at The Funhouse

Two years ago, Tiny Moving Parts rocked the KXSU lounge for a killer in studio performance. Now, one album later and a few tours later, they’re back stronger than ever to play The Funhouse this Sunday. Don’t worry, they still have the same sweet riffs.


Photo by Johnny Komar

Tiny Moving Parts is a math rock and twinkly-emo band from Benson, Minnesota with a unique sound and a lot of personality. Math rock? Twinkly-emo? No, I’m not messing with you. These are really genre descriptions, believe it or not. “Twinkle” generally describes the effect of quick and tappy guitar style. Don’t write them off right away when you laugh at these terms—this band has a lot to offer.

In the past few years Tiny Moving Parts has toured with bands like The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, and The Wonder Years. In March they released their newest album Celebrate. What sets Tiny Moving Parts apart from other bands is their fun-loving attitude and the energy they bring to the stage. Their songs dive through a variety of emotions that I can best describe as “Hey, life is sad and weird, but let’s make the best of it.”


Photo by Kaytlin Dargen

Tiny Moving Parts will be joined by post-hardcore-inspired bands Movements, My Iron Lung, and Seattle’s own Midnight Lights.

Catch Tiny Moving Parts rockin’ at The Funhouse on November 13 starting at 7 p.m. This show is all ages. Tickets available here.

JULIA SCHWAB | Soulja Boy Fan | KXSU Music Reporter





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