Red Bull and Camel Blues: Honcho Poncho’s Coming to KXSU

KXSU is eager to welcome folky five-piece Honcho Poncho to our next in-studio performance. They’re a local band with a unique take on the often tired-out alternative rock genre, adding elements like lead vocalist Sam Gelband’s folky intonations and rougher electric guitars to make their own sound. Imagine a blues-folk band like Heartless Bastards to visualize this group’s vibe on their recordings.


Photo courtesy of Honcho Poncho’s Offical Facebook Page

Currently, Honcho Poncho has two singles and three live performances available for public consumption on their website, with their debut record coming out on November 25. Judging by this material, you can expect a lighthearted, relaxed experience, especially on a song like “Sick of Pretending,” a track with charming whistling hooks and some soul-tinged instrumentals to lighten the mood.

The two single recordings are good, but Honcho Poncho’s live sound is most impressive to me, especially the feeling on “Red Bull and Camel Blues,” in which Gelband’s voice and their dramatic guitars really shine. Honcho Poncho does a lot of good with some simple elements, and are simply entertaining to have in your ear. Live in our studio, expect a fun time. They shouldn’t disappoint!

Opening for Honcho Poncho will be four-piece Geophagia, a folk punk outfit that seeks to spread “spread misanthropy, chaos, and an appreciation for dirt.”

Catch Honcho Poncho and Geophagia live in the KXSU lounge on Friday, November 18 at 7:00 p.m. This event is free and all SU students are welcome. Check out the official Facebook event page here.

JOSH GEST | “Collectively 900 Pounds” | KXSU Radio Reporter


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