Sweet Angel Baby Chaz: Toro Y Moi At The Neptune

Banner Photo Courtesy of NPR

During these stressful mid-quarter times, I often find myself procrastinating by fondly recollecting favorite memories of early freshman year. The second night of baby Adrienne’s freshman year was one of the hippest nights of her little life, at Neumos, with frighteningly cool new friends, listening to the sweet sounds of Chaz Bundick of Toro Y Moi. Monday night, across the water at The Neptune, I was lucky enough to be graced by Chaz’s presence again, accompanied by some of the same good pals.

The night started off early with the surprisingly talented duo, Mattson 2. They’re collaborators with Toro y Moi on the upcoming new album, Chaz Bundick Meets the Mattson 2, which is slated to drop on March 31, 2017. The two are identical twins, and it shows, as they match both in cool demeanor and easy smiles, as well as impeccable coherence and compatibility. One brother was a spot-on drummer, and it was exciting to hear his features throughout the show; the other utilized the heck out of a captivating double-neck guitar. Together, the two of them presented a constantly evolving, fluid, jazzy, and syncopated sound that was impressively powerful.

Chaz didn’t make the crowd wait long. He walked out on stage with a sweet smile and a wave, to immediate screams of “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” as Monday, the first stop of his tour, was his 30th birthday. Chaz is honestly one of the most gracious performers I’ve ever seen, and this show was no different. He gave us another little charming smile and said,

“Thanks guys! Let’s make it an amazing night!”


Photo from “Say That” music video / Toro y Moi

He began with “Lilly,” which has all the characteristics of a classic Toro tune: a comfy, unhurried, funky beat, with an added layer of some nifty guitar and keyboard, and topped off with Chaz’s sweet tenor. Chaz himself switched back and forth between keyboard and guitar as he moved through a well-rounded set list that covered a nice array of his most popular songs, as well as his more experimental ones.

The music of Toro y Moi has a fluidity unlike most music groups; it is cohesive and smooth both within each song and into the next. The same strong and comforting beats glide the listener from one thought to another in such a harmonious, positive way. Chaz’s vocals bring that positivity to the forefront, with lines like, “Cause you love it all / Cause you’ll find a way to keep on.”


Photo courtesy of Pitchfork

Having the opportunity of seeing Toro y Moi for the second time as I start my second year at Seattle University was a nice full circle of music. My friends and I were all smiles as we headed out, reminiscing and thriving in our states of giddiness. Thanks for the tunes, sweet angel Chaz, and happy 30th!

ADRIENNE HOHENSEE | In Love with Chaz Bundick | KXSU Music Reporter


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