This Lineup, Tho??? Chastity Belt at Chop Suey

Banner Photo by Conner Lyons

Seattle scene heroines Chastity Belt are coming to Chop Suey on November 17th and you do not want to miss it.


Photo by Angel Ceballos

While much can be said about their “post-post punk” energy, trance-like musical atmosphere, and robust stage presence, Chastity Belt is completely founded upon their insightful and at times ridiculous sense of humor. Formed back in 2010 at Whitman College in Walla Walla, Washington, Chastity Belt was originally created as a joke more than anything (wanna see some baby Chastity Belt?). As the joke-turned-real-band started gaining momentum, they began to move away from their traditional short, explicit songwriting style built for parties towards more melodic, languid style, producing hits like “Seattle Party” and “Black Sail” off their first official release, No Regerts, in 2013.

Fast forward to present day, and Chastity Belt has come a long way from the college town party band of 2012. They’re now a well-toured and well-known Seattle-based indie powerhouse. Signed to Hardly Art Records, Chastity Belt dropped their critically-acclaimed sophomore album, Time To Go Home, to overwhelming enthusiasm. While still true to their roots, it’s evident that Time To Go Home was created with a much more thoughtful and cohesive intention; the tracks are longer, the guitar solos are dreamier, and the lyrical content just a tiny bit more serious (in the best way). After headlining multiple American tours and mini tours, a busy European tour opening for Seattle’s most well-known charmers Death Cab For Cutie, and most recently a west coast tour with fellow Hardly Art rockers So Pitted, Chastity Belt is more than prepared for this homecoming show.

As if Chastity Belt alone wasn’t enough, this line up is packed with Seattle talent. Jenn Champion, formerly appearing in Carissa’s Wierd and her Hardly Art-signed solo project S, brings us her latest project, Malidont. Comprised of Champion and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Aaron Aux, Malidont are a synthy new electronic group with very little recorded work and lots to be expected. Be sure to check them out on SoundCloud.

And that’s not all! Opening up the show is Seattle’s own Versing, a local rock band not to be overlooked. Another four-piece, Versing is noisy, but controlled. Their debut EP, released on Youth Riot Records earlier this year, shows their mastered depth and range. Stand out single “Haunted Hauses” has gained recognition by Hardly Art and Sub Pop Records alike, and Nude Descending’s opening track, “Early Spring,” was featured as KEXP’s “Song of the Day” in July. So many reasons to get there early!

Catch Chastity Belt along with Malidont and Versing at Chop Suey on November 17th. The show is at 8:00 p.m., so don’t be late! Buy tickets for this all ages show here, and check out the Facebook event for even more fun here.

MARIA KING | SEA you there 😉 | KXSU Music Reporter


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