This One Goes Out to All Those Who Have Student Debt: SALES and Tangerine at The Crocodile

In typical Emma Pierce fashion, I mixed up the show time for the SALES and Tangerine concert with the times that the doors opened. So I arrived early and spent a solid two hours standing in the rain outside The Crocodile attempting a Sunday New York Times crossword puzzle, because apparently that’s the person I’ve become lately. (Who thinks doing a crossword puzzle in the rain is a good idea?)

I finally met up with some fellow KXSUers and the night kicked off with Olympia band My Washboard Abs. They played some songs off their recent album, have u scanned ur club card? (bringing me back to working at my local grocery store), and off their upcoming album, recurring chasms, due out spring 2017. They reminded me a lot of iji and a John Van Deusen on Xanax (formerly of The Lonely Forest), so if you enjoy some laid back music with occasional yelling, keep an eye out for their new stuff!


Tangerine | Photo by Emma Pierce

Seattle band Tangerine was up next and they blew me away. Marika, Miro, Toby and new bass player Seth played songs off their recent EP, Sugar Teeth, and a smattering of songs off their 2014 release, Behemoth! Miro smashed the drums, showing off some sick stick twirling skills, while Marika, dressed in all white, sang like an angel, and Toby and Seth showed off some impressive solo skills. They all seemed to be perfectly in tune with one another, and sounded like professional musicians who have been playing together a lot longer than just three years. Tangerine’s set was probably the highlight of my night.


SALES | Photo by Emma Pierce

SALES did what they do best: create a dream-like environment flowing from one song to another with intermittent, awkwardly endearing banter. It was a perfect soundtrack for the two high school attendees separately swaying in front of me who appeared to match on Tinder during SALES’ set. Their awkward back and forth glances, never quite making eye contact, with Lauren Morgan singing “I’ll see you at the movies… I’ll see you with your lipstick on” from “Chinese New Year” and “Be My Baby” from their recently released album, SALES LP, seemed fairly appropriate.

The last time SALES played in Seattle (January 2015 at the Vera Project), there were ten people in the audience. This time around? A sold out show, ending with a very Seattle-esque goodbye of “see you all at Dick’s!”

Stay up to date with Tangerine and SALES!

Tangerine: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp
SALES: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

EMMA PIERCE | 12 across: an idiot who does crosswords in the rain | KXSU Music Reporter


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