Expecting Some Good Ol’ Jazz: Previewing The Bad Plus at The Neptune

[Banner Photo by Josh Goleman]

On January 19th, avant-garde jazz trio The Bad Plus will be performing at the Neptune Theatre, and it will be groove-tacular. The Bad Plus’ music is what I would listen to if I had to orchestrate a 1920s-era heist: it makes you feel the right amount of collected and the righter amount of confident to make you want to rob a bank…but in a cool way. The beauty of The Bad Plus is that they hit you with a catchy melody, and as soon as you’re used to it, they’ll hit you again with something completely different. Upon listening to their 2014 LP, Inevitable Western, you’ll really get a sense of how well-trained these three musicians are at their craft, and how skilled they are at the art of improvisation. I’m expecting to leave this show supremely impressed.

I’m personally excited for how tight the band will be together in their performance. A band as experienced as The Bad Plus will undoubtedly think and act as one unit, rather than three individual musicians. The bassist will know what the drummer is going to do before he does it, and the pianist will know exactly how the drummer will react to a certain move made. I’m expecting good ol’ jazz at its finest this Thursday.

For anyone who’s ever thought, “I could really use some jazz right now,” I highly recommend that you buy tickets for this show. You can pick them up online here.

Doors open at 7:00 p.m. and the show begins at 8:00 with no opener. Happy jazz-ing!

JASON McCUE | Wazoo | KXSU Promotions Director


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