The Apocalipstick is Near: A Preview of Cherry Glazerr

[Photo by Daria Kobayashi Ritch; usage rights from Daria, Secretly Canadian]

With a new lineup and a newly-released album, Apocalipstick—a step away from the original lo-fi sound of their previous album, Haxel PrincessCherry Glazerr is taking their new sound and members to the road.

Cherry Glazerr is the type of band that does not lyrically hold back. With their recent release, the vibe of the band is much louder, and acts as a continuation from their first album’s raw lyrics. With frontwoman Clementine Creevy’s vocals praising “Trash People” and an homage to equality among the sexes through Cherry Glazerr’s song, “Told You I’d be with the Guys,” I’m excited to feel the power that comes with Creevy’s stage presence and how the audience reacts to hearing their new sound live.

When I first heard Cherry Glazerr’s new album, I enjoyed the nice mesh of LA punk vibes and guitar-synthy pop rhythms that accompanied Creevy’s young voice; she’s only 19 and this band is just getting started. The band’s music is evolving, but I’m sure they will still go crazy live, giving the audience an interactive show. There’s nothing worse than when a favorite band changes their sound, and suddenly their live performances go down the drain; I have confidence that that won’t be the case here.

Openers Slow Hollows are sure to be a band to check out. The six-piece Los Angeles band released their sophomore album, Romantic, in November. I discovered this band when they stopped by Chop Suey as openers for Beach Fossils back in October, and they did not disappoint with their live vocals and phenomenal stage presence.

Don’t miss Cherry Glazerr and Slow Hollows at The Crocodile on Wednesday, February 8th! This is an all-ages event with doors at 8:00 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here.

CELENE KOLLER | Help, Slow Hollows are SOOO good | KXSU Music Reporter


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