A Reggae Legacy: Previewing J Boog, Jemere Morgan, and Jo Mersa Marley

[J Boog / Press]

The Neptune Theater will host some of the biggest current names in reggae on Thursday, February 16th in a sold-out show. J Boog, along with guests Jemere Morgan and Jo Mersa Marley, will be in town for the Wash House Ting Tour, and we can expect a full-on reggae experience from these soulful powerhouses. The three artists rock a combined 348,000 total Facebook likes, and even have the credence of the Marley name behind them (Jo Mersa is the grandson of Bob Marley himself), so Thursday night is a big deal for fans of the genre.

J Boog, a man Compton-raised with Samoan heritage, began work with reggae in 2005 and has since crafted an R&B and rock-mixed sound that put him at the top of the Billboard charts in 2011 with Backyard Boogie, and drew a GRAMMY Award nomination for Best Reggae Album this season for Rose Petals, an EP. While he may not come from an established reggae family, J Boog’s guests are both heirs to successful lines: Jemere Morgan to his father, Gramps Morgan of Morgan Heritage fame, and Jo Mersa Marley to his own uber-famous family line. Both artists have topped numerous charts in their young careers (since only 2011 for Morgan and 2014 for Marley), from iTunes to Billboard, and continue to make great music today. Jemere Morgan’s latest release, the feel-good 2017 Transition, made it to #2 on iTunes only two weeks post-release this past January, and I’ll be interviewing him about the album and other topics at the

Though I’m new to the reggae genre myself, I love the sound of these three talented guys, and I have quality expectations for Thursday’s performance. It’s set to be an easy-going night to unwind and enjoy some sweet Caribbean sounds.

Watch for J Boog, Jemere Morgan, and Jo Mersa Marley on Thursday, February 16th, 2017 at the Neptune Theater. Doors open at 7:00 p.m.

JOSH GEST | Hope you like ganja | KXSU Radio Reporter


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